When should you start using cloth diapers on your baby?

When to start cloth diapering baby - blog header - image shows mom with a newborn baby

When should you start using cloth diapers on your baby?

Short on time/attention span? Watch this quick video:

For folks who have a little more time on their hands:

One of the things we see often is people NOT starting with cloth from Day 1. Ok, we get the (ew) meconium thing. Fine. Get past the meconium day(s) or use the charcoal inserts and then staining is not so much of an issue.

Meconium. Yucky. Let your partner do those changes. If you have an intrusive relative wanting to visit and “help out,” here’s your chance to get even. Make them do the meconium change or they will magically realize they left the stove on and leave in a hurry.

Either way, you win.

Newborn S.J. at just over 7 lbs (3.3 kg)
Newborn S.J. at just over 7 lbs (3.3 kg)

After the meconium, as long as your baby is about 6-7 lbs (or 3 kg), you should be “good to go.”

Yes, we have a lot of poop puns here at Lil Helper. Sorry. Occupational hazard.


So, when should you start using cloth diapers on your baby? Whenever you’re ready.

Clarification: we don’t judge. Worn out from birth? Having some colicky woes so laundry is the furthest thing from your mind? We’ve all been there. Be nice to yourself, give yourself enough time to recover from the birthing process.

Seriously, we don’t judge. If ya gotta go ‘sposie, don’t stress yourself about it. But if what’s holding you back IS size, then dive right in!

Here’s how to fit your newborn baby in Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

Here’s how to wash your Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

New to Diapering (in General) and Grossed-Out by Poop?

Who likes poop? No one. New to poop? Skeeved out by the possibility of even coming CLOSE to touching poop? We get it. We have a product just for you: the Bamboo Stay Dry Liners (you place them atop your inserts).

Need help with sizing? How many inserts? Snaps? Charcoal vs Bamboo? Give us a call (1-877-2-877-930) or email our Customer Delight service (even if you’re not a customer) and let us know how we can help you. Just remember: the hard part is over- the babe is out.

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