What’s In My Hospital Bag? – Twin Edition!

Hello everyone! Ariel here this week, and I’m coming at you 30 weeks pregnant with twins and feeling about ready to pop! (But also crossing my legs and hoping these babies stay put a while longer!)

I am going to be sharing the top three most important things in my hospital bag for birthing our twins. Some things are new items that I have discovered since the last time I gave birth. Some are preparing me for any scenario that might play out at the hospital.

Once the twins have arrived and we are settled at home, I will write a follow up blog post about what I ACTUALLY used out of the bag! So without further ado, here we go!


My first time giving birth, I was naieve and didn’t think my milk would come in very fast. I had been leaking for about 8 weeks leading up the brith of my daughter. I had read that was super normal, and didn’t necessarily mean my milk would be there immediately.

Boy was I WRONG. I spent 2 nights in the hospital and my milk had some in full force before we were discharged.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful nurse give me a few extras, but I was a mess. I soaked through every bra and shirt I had brought.

This time around, I have a small zipper wetbag full of my trusty Lil Helper Overnight Breastpads to keep me (and my shirts) dry. They are perfectly contoured to fit my breast shape, and made of the same Bamboo wicking material as the Boosters.

I personally prefer the overnight version as they’re a bit bigger and will help contain that initial waterfall. They also come in some adorable prints!


I’m going to be totally honest here… I’ve never used these before. At the hospital I was at last time around, this wasn’t a thing. I wasn’t given anything to help contain the bleeding, or to wear around pads. I sent my poor husband out to the store to get me some depends because I didn’t know what else to do.

Thankfully he was a trooper and had no problem grabbing those for me, but I was lost. I had no idea how to contain everything comfortably. 

This time around, I went ahead and ordered my own disposable underwear!

There are a bunch of options available on the internet. I personally chose to go with these ones from FridaMom. Since anything can happen, and I could deliver vaginally or by cesarean, I wanted to be prepared for either outcome. These are awesome because they offer two versions, depending on the type of birth you have!

Once some of the bleeding as slowed down and you’ve begun to heal, the Boosters that I was talking about earlier are an amazing option. They’re reusable, meaning they’re better for the environment, and they were actually designed with postpartum in mind!

I will definitely include these in a follow up and let you all know how well they work once the babies arrive.


Hear me out. This one might seem like a given, but I honestly completely forgot to bring it the first time around. Here’s why you definitely want to make sure you have AT LEAST one tube of some kind of lip chap:

  • The hospital will be extremely dry. Your lips will thank you.
  • Baby might have some dry lips too. If you’re uncomfortable, you can only imagine how your brand new babe feels!
  • Nipple balm can be a bit stiff and require massaging to spread it nicely. On newly-breastfeeding nipples, that HURTS. Lip balm goes on smoother and provides a bit of relief while the nipple skin toughens.

I’m not going to continue to bore you with more items on this list. You get the point. So, grab a couple of tubes of your favourite lip balm and make sure it makes it to the hospital with you. You’ll save hubby (or partner) a trip to the store.

These are my personal top 3 items that I made absolutely certain I put into my birthing bag. What are your personal must haves? Let us know in the comments down below!


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