We Heart You {Customer Appreciation Sale}

You had us at hello! Okay, so this is probably going to be a super corny to the max of a post. You know just cause it’s so awkward talking about yourself but we kinda have to in order to say how much we heart you!

Cloth Diaper Sale @lilhelper_ca
Yes, we totally supertastically ❤ our customers. We also enjoy making up new words!

We have officially dubbed September 21st thru 30th our first Customer Appreciation Week. In our book a week dedicated to our customers is worth more than seven days cause you deserve it.

We have the nicest and prettiest customers on the planet. They say swell things like this:

Buy 2 Get 1 Plus Free Gift Customer Appreciation Sale @lilhelper_ca

Best Cloth Diaper Toronto @lilhelper_ca

And we absolutely love when we are able to serve you at 3 o’clock in the morning – you know the same time you happen to be up feeding baby and you remember to send those emails! It is 24/7 Customer Service after all!

It doesn’t make us sad one iota when we get to see super cute photos like this one here either:

Buy 2 Get 1 Plus Free Gift Customer Appreciation Sale @lilhelper_ca

The Thank You Sale

      From September 21-30, 2012 we are offering our customers a gift with purchase to show our appreciation. For every


      cloth diapers you purchase you’ll get a

free set

      of Charcoal Bamboo Liners.


    for the first 50 orders over $79 we’ll toss in one of our wetbags and wipes ’cause we love ya!

Just use “thanku” at checkout so we know to add your free gifts to your package: Shop Now

lil Helper Cloth Diaper Sale
Super Cute Baby Don’t You Think … See more at DiaperDeals.ca!!

Hurry on over to our shop – grap some diapers, a lil nursery art, and maybe a wipe or two.
Just don’t forget to enter thanku at checkout!

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