The phone rings….

I (Mohammed) got a call on my cell at 9.30 pm on Thursday from a mom whose 1 month-old was suffering from a nasty diaper rash that wouldn’t go away.
She had never used cloth diapers before so I explained to her how it would all work. After which she asked us for 4 Charcoal Bamboo Diapers. We told her it will be hand delivered on the next day.
To which she said something only a parent in distress would say, “What do I do for tonight?”
So her hubby drove to our warehouse, where Nader met him and gave him the diapers at 10.30 pm so that mommy can start healing the baby’s rash immediately.
Next time, you have a favour or special request to ask from us–demand it.
We will–almost–do anything to make sure our customers are well taken care of.
On a side note, mommy called back and reported that the Charcoal Bamboos are healing the rash better than any ointments she has used.

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