Nirali B

Thank You Nirali for appreciating the small things we do for our customers! Receiving a pic from our loyal customers never gets old. For anybody who’s wondering this is our LilHelper.ca‘s Starter Kit http://bit.ly/12VCnYP

Just got my second order and me and my lil man loved them another hand written Thank you note (who does it these days anyways????) and Green tea are well appreciated Thank you guys for making cloth diapering more interesting and more fun.


Find Alix’s review of our Lilhelper.ca‘s diapers here on her blog: Autodidactmommy


Emily C.’s son Trevor in our Retro Bike diaper

Emily C.’s son Trevor lookin’ good in our new Lilhelper.ca‘s Retro Bike Organic Cloth diaper.




Alaina F.: Belly Button All Healed

Our Lilhelper.ca Charcoal Bamboo cloth diaper’s save the day (and a belly button) for Alaina F.


Diaper Deals Canada

Thank you Diaper Deals Canada for nominating Lilhelper.ca for the “most entertaining cloth diaper seller copywriting ever”. It truly is an honour!



Dinker & Giggles

Thank you Dinker & Giggles for your kind words about Lilhelper.ca‘s materials (organic!) and how it saves money and washing (therefore very environmentally friendly).


Laura Matesic-Murray

We at Lilhelper.ca are glad to hear Laura’s diapering woes are now over with our cloth diapers! We’re sorry, too, they don’t clean themselves.


Gayle Prentice Wood

Thank you to Gail, letting us know she appreciates Lilhelper.ca‘s other product: customer service. We want our customers happy.


Baby Do Good: A thank you from B in Brantford

Thank you so very much for your diaper donation!

My husband and I decided to try to use cloth diapers on our baby girl (who is arriving very shortly) to save money.  He works while I try to finish University.  This baby girl was an unexpected blessing, but we are thankful to God that he has given us the blessing of being parents.  I want our baby girl to be able to look at her parents and see that they have done everything to provide for her, and your donation will surely help us live that out!
We are young parents, both in our early twenties, and often we have to find interesting ways to save money.  Cloth diapering will save on expenses, and for everybody who helps the BABY DO GOOD initiative, we thank you!
B. Brantford ON

Jonna & Matt: Happy with their diapers

We’re so pleased to hear that Jonna & Matt (and Eden) are happy with Lilhelper.ca‘s quality and design of our cloth diapers. You are our first “test run down poop street” we think. 🙂


Jennifer MacD

Thank you so much from a diaper addicted mommy, this is great customer service and I look forward to purchasing more diapers 
from your company. Keep up the great work.

Brittany Hunsaker

Hi Brittany, we at Lilhelper.ca are glad we didn’t make you want to stick forks into your eyeballs.


Why buy our mattress protector


Rebecca Hatherley in Qatar



Email 1:

Thank you so much for your suggestions on what my cousin may need. I am grateful that you guys took the time to design such a awesome product. I have been promoting you diaper here in Qatar and some pregnant ladies’ ears have perked up. We’ll see what happens. And thanks again for all of the awesome free stuff you are sending to my cousin, that’s really kind of you. Oh, and please don’t put a receipt in the box, I don’t want them to know how much this stuff costs–it’s a gift. The baby’s name is Linkin (A cool and hip version of Lincoln.) Take care, Rebecca

Email 2:

You guys are awesome. I actually cried. Thank you for sending me photos of everything, taking the time to wrap everything up, writing a special note to little Linkin *sniff*, and the tea! Sigh… the extra stuff you threw in will make their life with their new babe just a little easier, thanks.

You’ve made living far away from my family just a little less difficult.
Forever your advocate in Qatar,

Rebecca Hatherley


Gen Bismonte




Catherine Bane



Thank you very much Mohammed. I should say how much I love your diapers, they are large right now (even on the smallest setting:) for my 12wk little man but are working great for us.

Thank you again for answering my question so quickly 🙂


Michelle G Calls us BRILLIANT

We just received our first order from you. It felt like a holiday gift morning! The beautiful and lush charcoal/bamboo diapers and soft wipe cloths appeared, followed by a variety of surprise treats: a receiving blanket, a cute change mat, soft bamboo burp cloth and cotton liners to try out. Not to mention the lovely hand written note and teas included for our enjoyment! Couldn’t be happier or more excited to pop these little beauties onto our little one when she arrives next month. We love that we discovered you and your great product – we are so glad for this new relationship.

Wishing you a fantastic day,

Michelle and Isaac (baby Ruby-Rose)

Lara from Oklahoma

I purchased a couple of the charcoal diapers at Green Bambino in Oklahoma City. One of the snaps ripped out after only a few days, so I contacted lil helper directly. Mohammed was a great help and offered to send me a new cover, no questions asked. He also sent a video demonstrating the proper technique of unsnapping the insert so that this problem wouldn’t occur. After watching the video I noticed it was completely my fault that it ripped in the first place (as I’m sure Mohammed knew that, too), but I was still sent a new diaper. Great customer service! The diaper is also very absorbent. It is the only diaper that has held up overnight for my 10 month old so far. Great product as well as service!

Renee A

I just got my diapers today and I'm really excited to try them!  I just wanted to say thank you for the extra diaper, tea, and a 
handwritten thank you card!  How nice of you!  It's nice that there are still companies that add a personal touch!


Jennifer Hopkins

Thanks Jennifer for sharing a photo of Ashlynn sporting her Lilhelper.ca mauve Charcoal Bamboo Cloth diapers. We think “chocolate milk” is a good colour name too!




Amy Gibbons






Tanya Pitre

Dear Mohammed, 

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you! I received my diapers today and want to tell you how much I appreciated a hand written note with my order. Customer service seems to be lacking so much these days and small touches will keep your customers coming back. Thanks also for the wetbag, wipes (so much nicer then the cotton flannel wipes I made!) and stay dry liners. 

The quality of your diapers seems exceptional and they are by far the softest I've gotten my hands on. We will be using mostly prefolds and covers but wanted some "easy" diapers for going out, sitters or quick night time changes. Now to convince my husband we need 5 more to round out the "easy" diaper stash. Your PUL is probably the nicest I've seen as well. One size, wipeable diaper covers from Lilhelper could be quite nice....hint, hint. Can't wait til my LO is here so I can put them to the test!


Tanya Pitre

Trudy Spooner

Oh my goodness, thank you for this excellent customer service!

This is the most amazing customer service I’ve ever had in my life. I will DEFINITELY recommend your company in the future.Thank you so much for the care and attention you’ve given this (a baby shower gift for a colleague). You can’t know how you’ve brightened my day (which was pretty bleak before this!).

Thank you thank you thank you

Kristin Tedford

Thanks for the great service and quick delivery!

The diapers are the cutest little things ever. The baby isn’t scheduled to arrive for another couple of weeks so I will be sure to give a review at some point after that. If the diapers work for us then you’ll be sure to receive another order.
Thanks again,


Julie MacDonald – Lilhelper.ca Makes Things Easy

Hi again Mohammed,

I just picked up the diapers and I am so happy with them!  Can’t wait to try them out.
Thanks so much for the extras!  You made the shopping experience simple, carefree and FAST!

Gina Hilton


Stephani Brown


Laura Says Hello

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really excited to start using your products when our little one arrives in a couple of months.

We did a tonne of research, including spending a couple of hours at Diaper-eez looking at everything, talking to the lady there, and discussing with a friend who is an experienced cloth diaperer, and eventually decided to go with your company for all our CD needs (aside from early newborn stuff, because we have some hand-me-downs for that). I’ve loaded up my registry with diapers and inserts, and I can’t really believe that I’m actually excited to start diapering. So weird!
I feel really good about our decision to go with Lil Helpers – the more I learn about you guys and your company and your products, the happier I am.

Keep up the good work! 😀



I am amazed with the customer service and generosity from Lil Helper. We got into a tight situation money wise because of my son needing so much care from sick kids hospital, my 9 month old son has an immune deficiency that has landed him in the hospital for weeks at a time on 5 separate occasions. He sees on a regular basis immunology center, gastroenterology, orthotics and nutrition. I emailed Lil Helper asking them if it would at all be possible for them to help me out with some diapers because we don’t have the money to keep buying disposables and we don’t have the money for the start up cost of cloth diapers. They gladly took my information and then provided me with enough diapers to cloth diaper my son full time which took a lot of stress off my shoulder! I thank Lil Helper incredibly for there generosity it is extremely appreciated!!!!I highly recommend this company!!

Amy Gibbons Thank You Note

Hello Mohammad,

I just received my latest order I want to thank you for how quick it was getting to me (love getting new fluff in the mail!:) I was so thrilled to see a bonus swim diaper! I didn’t know that you had swim diapers. I look forward to trying it out, it will be great this summer we are big campers so Logan will be trying out the water lots this summer 🙂 Thank you very much for the extra diaper and liners, it is so generous of you! I also love getting a personal note with my order (not many people take that kind of time).
Thank you
ps. I should tell you I have signed up to do a diaper train with some other Canadian mamas were each of us send one another one of their diapers so we can try something different, 🙂 Anyway’s I have decided to send  one of my original lil helper (even though it will be missed) to my partnered mama living in Alberta so that she kind try out your amazing diaper. 🙂

Have a great day and thank you again,  🙂

Holly Cook

Thanks for the quick response. Another mom referred us to your company, who was extremely happy with her dipes. I’m personally trying ours right now, and I love the softness of them compared to the grovia I use regularly.  Also the grey liners are a lot more pleasant than staring at stains, especially insurance the winter.

I will let Fiona know to expect her diaper asap, thanks for the quick remedy.

Holly 🙂

Stephanie Somerville

Thanks so much for your help and your great product, as I mentioned before whenever it is my husbands turn to change a diaper the little man always comes back with a lil helper on 🙂 he (and I) will be happy to see I have increased our stash!


Brenda Madden


Lara from Oklahoma

I purchased a couple of the charcoal diapers at Green Bambino in Oklahoma City. One of the snaps ripped out after only a few days, so I contacted lil helper directly. Mohammed was a great help and offered to send me a new cover, no questions asked. He also sent a video demonstrating the proper technique of unsnapping the insert so that this problem wouldn’t occur. After watching the video I noticed it was completely my fault that it ripped in the first place (as I’m sure Mohammed knew that, too), but I was still sent a new diaper. Great customer service! The diaper is also very absorbent. It is the only diaper that has held up overnight for my 10 month old so far. Great product as well as service!

Kerilyn Voigt


Emmett (Jenn Columbus)




Alexandra MacNeil

Once again, thank you so much, your customer service is incredible! I have recommended your company to every other mommy I know, and will continue doing so 🙂

Mary Lelievre


Thank you so much for the upgraded postage. I was thrilled to find your package in my mailbox yesterday – along with the hand-written thank you card and tea. The diapers are a shower gift for my daughter (and first grandchild). After checking them out I know she’ll be thrilled! Expect more orders.

Thanks again, Mary Lelievre

Helen Loves the Support from Lil Helper

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you SO much for writing back with such a generous response.

Thanks again for all your support. You continually remind us that we made a great decision in going with Lil Helper.

Wishing you well.
Helen (and Michael and Audrey)

Danielle’s Sister, Dominique

My sister recently had her first baby and she ordered from you (Danielle Schmuecker) and she told me about your great products and customer service! I wanted to check out your site, which is very lovely and thankyou for making such great products!!

Rachelle’s Letter to SnuggleBugz


I’m a very loyal and happy customer of Snugglebugz. I tell everyone I know to shop with you guys, registered my baby shower with you, and have purchased almost all our babies needs with you.
I’ve just tried a new cloth diaper company, and thought I’d take a minute to recommend them. I have used their charcoal diapers, and I’m blown away at the quality of them. I was recommended them from a friend, who also has their baby in full time cloth. The charcoal diaper literally blew my mind, and I’m planning to purchase a bunch more to build up my stash. I have also recommended them to friends. I had to check a few times to make sure it was even wet, it was the weight that gave it away…
I went on your website to see if you had any charcoal diapers for sale, and noticed you didn’t carry any. If you’re looking into offering charcoal to your clients, I would check out the lil helper diapers for sure.
Signed: A very happy snugglebugz customer, and full time cloth diapering mama!




Laura Metz





Olen – Newborn
Olen – February 2013

Trudy Spooner


Helen Tremethick


Monique Zermeno Abate


Rebecca Stewart


Kristen Veselinovic






Annette Bauml


Melissa Graham


Michelle Charlton


Laura T

Thank you so much for your personalized card and “upgrades” in our lil helper start up package…much appreciated! We have only been cloth diapering a week using lilhelper and bumgenius and we are hooked!

We will definitely be making another order soon. Luckily we also picked up some second hand lilhelper original bamboo diapers through the facebook B/S/T page. We were referred to you by our local maternity shop- Glow Maternity Studio in Peterborough.
Thanks again,

Tania FC


Genevieve Bismonte-Clemente



I received my order today! I was so excited.  The products look fantastic. My co-worker thought they were so nice she wants me to send her the info for her grandchildren.

Thank you for the sample products. I was really surprised that you included a free cover.  I will be ordering more in the future for sure.

I also cannot wait until you expand into “potty training” products.

Thanks for the great customer service.


Danielle Schmuecker


Michelle Charlton



Nelly, Toronto, ON



Krystyn, USA



Angie, Markham, ON

 My name is Angie, and I felt compelled to comment on my recent cloth diaper purchase from lil Helper. Firstly, I’m so extremely grateful for having stumbled upon this product as I had wanted to switch to cloth diapering for quite some time (my daughter is almost 9 months), but felt utterly bewildered by how many different types of cloth diapers were available and how much information there was about cloth diapering that I became discouraged. I decided that I was going to finally make the switch no matter what it took and thankfully found Mohammed and this site. I was able to speak to someone, get my questions answered, and felt completely reassured before I made my purchase. My beautiful diapers arrived within a day of my ordering, and I’ve been so happy with their convenience for me, and how comfortable they seem for my daughter. I purchased a little bit of all the different items available so that I could try them all out, but in retrospect, I would have invested in more, or exclusively, the charcoal bamboo liners rather than the original liners that I also bought. The diapers are very absorbent, I haven’t had any issues with leaks, and the beautiful colors are such a nice little perk! Ultimately, I’m very happy with my choice to start cloth diapering, and that’s in large part because of this very easy and well designed system. Thank you again for answering all my questions and helping me to make this transition!


Stephanie, USA




Daina, Toronto, ON



Emma, Toronto, ON


Baby Molly modelling her favorite Lil Helper Cloth Diaper


Praises for Lil Helper Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper





Praises for Lil Helper Original PUL Cloth Diaper






Praises for Lil Helper Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper



Praises for Lil Helper Bamboo Wipes



More Happy Babies…

Sara's Baby looking ohh soo wonderful in our Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper
Sara’s Baby looking ohh soo wonderfully vintage in our Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper
Another lil tree hugger in our Lil Helper Original PUL CLoth Diaper
Another lil tree hugger in our Lil Helper Original PUL CLoth Diaper