It’s High Time That High Rise Diaper is Explained

Picture of two LilHelper diapers, one is a bigger pink diaper with mermaids on it and the other is smaller and bright blue. The image is titled "It's high time that high rise is explained" with the LilHelper logo

Hey Y’all! It’s Erin. I want to talk about Lil Helper’s new high rise diaper.

New product releases can be a slightly confusing time.

Whether you’re brand new to the wonderful world of Lil Helper products or you’ve been enjoying them for quite awhile, I’ve got something to share with you!

Lil Helper gave us new cloth diapers with a higher rise. WOO for high rise diaper!

gif of a little girl in a yellow jacket holding blue cotton candy being very excited

Now, I know it can be sorta confusing for you to know what that means compared to the “old style.”

I’m here to help!

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Are Lil Helpers Long Lasting Cloth Diapers

Are Lil Helpers Long Lasting Cloth Diapers blog header image. Background shows a toddler wearing a lil helper cloth diaper holding on to a stuffed bear who is also wearing a lil helper cloth diaper. Hi, my name is Cherie and I have been using Lil Helper diapers for over four years.

I love them so much and they just released some amazing new prints! Since I love new prints I had to see if I could justify buying more diapers but, because Lil Helper diapers are amazingly long-lasting cloth diapers, I don’t really need more.

After cloth diapering my youngest and middle girl, it’s safe to say that my diapers have seen it all.

Long Lasting Cloth Diapers
My first diaper on the left and my newest on the right.

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Cluster Feeding Survival Tips

cluster feeding survival tips - blog header image featuring a sleeping baby with a toy bunny. image is in black and white.
Hey all! My name is Jessica. I am very lucky to have a chunky 5-month-old boob monster who inspired this post (she’s awesome) and a fantastic husband who indulges my LilHelper obsession!

Cluster feeding, otherwise known as don’t-plan-anything-because-you-won’t-get-off-the-couch time. Cluster feeding is when babies space feedings closer. This is normal and can be experienced day or night. If you have twins, it is often referred to as bed camping and you will soon learn why.

Read on for our cluster feeding survival tips!

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