Still Afraid of Cloth Diapers?

If you ask most new parents, what are there reasons for NOT using cloth diapers, you will hear a 100 explanations but it can all be summarized to one thing- FEAR.

Cloth Diapers are EASY to use & FUN!
Original Illustration by Nader, co-owner of Lil Helper, & Sophia.

Here are things that people fear most about cloth diapers.

Fear of looking like hippies
We have been selling cloth diapers for over a year now and I can comfortably tell you that more than 80% of our clients live in urban areas and almost all of them are professionals. They could very well be hippies, but at least they are highly educated hippies, who hold a steady job.

Afraid of the extra work involved in cloth diapering
As long as you can figure out how many cloth diapers you will need to last you a couple of days and an accessible washing machine to clean the dirty cloth diapers, the work involved is minimal. Store the dirty diapers in a pail and wash them like you would wash your undergarments.
A lot of parents who were forced into cloth diapers because their kids had terrible reactions to disposable diapers were shocked to find how easy it is to cloth diaper.

Stressed about asking silly questions.
We have a no judgment help-line: 1-877-2-877-930 where you can call and talk to a cloth-diapering expert. You can ask as many questions as you like. Believe us, there are no silly questions when it comes to the comfort and safety of your child.
I once asked a sales lady if wearing a baby sling makes me look effeminate. Both my wife and the sales lady looked at me weird but somebody had to ask the important questions.

Petrified of having no support.
When you purchase cloth diapers from Lil Helper, you are not just buying a product you are becoming a part of community. Any questions or queries you have about anything- you are first advised to call our helpline.
If you’d like more than 1 opinion about something then you can post a question on our Facebook page.
If we do not know the answer for your quandary, we will research it till we do find an answer.

Not only do we make awesome cloth diapers, we provide GREAT customer service!

Terrorized of handling THE POOP.
Exclusively Breast Fed baby’s poo is runny and water soluble. It comes right off.
When the baby starts eating solids, you could use a flushable liner, which can be tossed in the toilet, so there is little to no dirt on the diaper.
You could also use a washable thin cloth liner that is far easier to rinse off after disposing the stuff in the toilet.
If you have a child, poo is inevitable. Just like a coal miner always gets his hands covered in soot; a parent will get their hands dirty with poop. It’s going to happen.

Poop happens, but trust us, you can handle it.

Nervous about choosing the WRONG cloth diaper.
There are a lot of choices out there for cloth diapers and admittedly its confusing. And every diaper company bills their diaper to be the next sliced bread. NEWS FLASH- our cloth diapers are probably no better or worse than other diapers.
Yes, you have a lot more flexibility with AI2 in terms of adjusting absorption and fabric options than AIO or pocket diapers.
Where we go above and beyond any other company is the customer service we provide to each one of our patrons.
Returns and exchanges are done without questions and swiftly.
We ship out replacements for faulty products right away and you have 15 days to return items to us after receiving your new item.

Frightened that cloth diapers leak.
Lil Helper cloth diapers are not the same diapers that your grandma used. They are designed with the average busy parent in mind. All our diapers covers are waterproof with at least 8 layers of cloth inside the cover to soak up messes.
There are accidents that will happen when you have a child that cannot be called anything less than a POO-NAMI. I tell parents all the time that you could use cloth, disposable or cover them with cling wrap and crap will still find a way out.

Dread putting down the initial investment for cloth diapering.
You might feel that putting down $400 to buy a stash of cloth diapers is way too much money to spend on poop catchers.
If you use disposables you will spend upwards of $2500, only difference being that you’ll be giving it in installments of $200 every month to Walmart.

When you buy cloth diapers, especially from us, you not only save yourself a ton of money but also help another family, much like yours, that wants to cloth diaper their child but cannot do so due to their current station in life. Lil Helper gives one brand new diaper for every 3 diapers you buy to a struggling family through our Baby Do Good project.

If you know any mama who is on the fence about using cloth diapers and using FEAR as an excuse than send her this article.

Leave a comment, to tell us of other excuses you hear from your friends about NOT using cloth diapers.