Top 5 Actual Summer Baby Essentials

top 5 actual summer baby essentials. picture of baby sitting in a waterpark while wearing a pineapple swim diaper.

Hello everyone! My name is Ariel and I am super excited to be here with you today!

Like a lot of you super parents out there reading this blog (yes, I’m looking at you!), this is my first summer experiencing all that the world has to offer for my 7-month old daughter, Dawson.

With everything available out on the market for our little ones, and every brand promoting their products as a ‘must have’, it can be extremely overwhelming to decide what our children actually need!

In this post, I have compiled a list of the top 5 actual baby essentials that you will want to make sure you pick up for your little one this summer!

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Are your Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby’s Skin?


blog title header - "Marks Left by Cloth Diapers Got you Seeing Red?" with a picture of Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's Skin

Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on Your Baby’s Skin?

Your little needs a diaper change.
You play with baby happily as you prepare them for a diaper change.
You have everything set up and begin the diaper change process.

As you open the cover, your face drops.

sarah jessica parker is shocked at cloth diapers leaving marks on baby's skin

These Darn Red Marks!

You feel horrible thinking that maybe your baby’s diaper was hurting them. Don’t worry!! We are here to help you determine what is normal and what is not when it comes to leg marks. And what to do to ensure your baby’s diaper fit is not too tight.

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