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Hey y’all. It’s Jess again bringing in another way to continue saving this beautiful world of ours by practicing the most important part of recycling- reusing. 

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You ever look at some of your stuff and thing why did I buy this? Why do I still have it? Oh well may I’ll find a use for it eventually. 

If your answer is all the time, solidarity because same. 

Babies have an especially quick way of filling our homes with “stuff.” Stuff people give you. Stuff your pregnant mind says you absolutely must have. Stuff a new grandma just can’t wait to see her baby play with or wear. Stuff. 

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I had mountains of stuff. My daughter was my mother’s first grandchild and it showed. She was so excited about her that we got monthly boxes of clothes, toys, and other random Knick knacks.

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Why? Because she was excited and could not stop buying. Society has ingrained in us such a consumerist culture that we understand stuff as love. My mother lived on the other side of the country and had no other way to show her love than by buying stuff. 

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Well, my first baby was born and she was precious. Also, she was huge. She grew like a weed. This beautiful tiny baby was wearing like 9 month clothes by 3 months because she was just so chunky from loving on her milk. 

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What did this mean? It meant that all those beautiful clothes my mother spent hours fussing over and mailing never got worn. They simply didn’t fit. They were either only worn once or never at all. 

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We decided to save them for the next baby. Our next baby is so so cute and also a boy. My baby girls clothes are all sparkly and pink so it wasn’t exactly gender neutral so now I had mountains of baby clothes that I had no idea what to do with.

Most people thankfully often donate but many times they sit in storage for ages taking up space in our storage units, garages, and homes. There is a solution for all of that. It’s called buy nothing. That’s right but absolutely nothing. Spend zero dollars. 

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What does that mean? 

It means all that stuff sitting in your house that you don’t use can actually be exactly what someone else needs. These groups are often separated by communities so you give where you live.

That pregnant mom in your community, she would love all those beautiful clothes. Do you need a lamp? A dresser? A bed? No problem. Wish for one and someone may have one they no longer need in their home and will happily give you. It is an online community built to reduce waste and give use to things that sat collecting dust or maybe just space in your home. 

It’s also an amazing way to get to know people in your community. Going to pick up a trampoline to give to your kiddo? No problem. Pop into your neighbors and have a chat to pick up. Countless relationships that otherwise wouldn’t happen in our now busy lives are formed. 

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I have built wonderful friendships in my group and am in absolute awe by how generous people are. It has been so good for me to get rid of things I would have had a difficult time parting with knowing it’s going to a person who really wants or needs this item instead of just sitting in a storage room or in a store for someone to hopefully buy one day.

It helps give those toys that would otherwise go to the trash a whole new life. Kids don’t care if something is brand new and sparkly. It’s an incredible feeling to know that you don’t have to throw this perfectly usable item in the garbage just because it’s taking up space. 

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What are some ways you reuse items? Share your favorite tips below! Are you part of the buy nothing community? Share your experience!

23 thoughts on “Reducing Clutter And Saving Money – Buy Nothing Project

  1. I actually joined a group in my area for moms called ‘moms moms’. I’ve gotten to help a couple mom’s so far by giving away my ‘junk’. It saves me from having to bring anything to the garbage/dump which can cost me money. So not only am I saving money giving away my old stuff someone else can enjoy it.

    We always use reusable containers and bagy in our household. We’ve also switched to using cloth wipes when we are home. I recently bought a diva cup to try and cut our using pads. We are slowly tryinf to find different ways to go green.

  2. I am part of a local group that is give or trade only. Like in this article, no money involved.
    We also have an organization that does clothing swaps once a month.

  3. We always reuse plastic take out containers for lunches instead of buying Tupperware.

    But we have also held on to all the excess baby clothes and tried to get a lot of things like onesies in fairly neutral styles so we can use them with the second.

  4. We are sort of a part of a buy nothing program. There is a Facebook group that allows you you to post something that you don’t need for another person to use if they need and for someone to post something that they do need. It’s nice because everything is free and if you need something just ask I’m sure there is someone who will have that item.

  5. Since I was a teenage mom with my oldest child, I can’t stress enough the importance of donating to young mothers shelters. If you have no one else to give your items to PLEASE find your local shelter. They always need diapers (some even do take cloth!), clothes, toys, even furniture.

  6. My baby girl is wearing big brothers hand me downs and I have given everything ahe has grown out of to a mom in need and plan to continue to give her clothes as my baby grows

  7. Since I was a little girl my mom always bought second hand clothes for us! I love how the world is changing, it the new trend for people today, reduce, reuse and recycle! I hope it stays and I hope more and more people follow. Once I started with clothes diapers, my husband and I started also with wax wraps and reusable sandwich bags, so no more need for plastic wraps or zip locks.

  8. We like to donate our used clothing to our daycare. There are so many families that attend the same daycare as us that could really use them, and we love passing the love within our own community. We also try and buy open ended play toys as we find they will grow with her instead of having to get rid of and buy more toys.

  9. I struggle with this as I love shopping and I’m a sucker for good deals. We have a charity called Mamas 4 Mamas which is a similar concept that you can donate items to other moms in need or ask if you need something.

    I find in our community though if someone gives something away for free, there are 50 people wanting the item less than 2 seconds after someone posts it. So it’s hard to actually get any items you need this way.

    We like to go to garage sales and buy a lot of our kids stuff from there. The kids love going to garage sales too, we give them a couple dollars and it goes a long way.

  10. We have a “kids cycle” group in my area. It is so nice to be able to pass down items you don’t need quick and easy as well as pick up items you do need. That group has also been wonderful for making friends too!

  11. At our garbage dump we have a reuse centre (which I use weekly). I love it because I drop things off I am done with to another person in need and pick up things I may need. It varies from kids items, toys and books to cookware and furniture.

  12. We sell what we don’t need anymore if we can. Then donate. I would love to give it all away but we aren’t that comfortable financially so it’s better for us to try to make a little money back. Currently we have all baby stuff saved – I hope to have another baby but we aren’t sure if we can afford it so we will see. If we don’t I’ll sell a lot of it.

  13. We donate everything we have extra of to anyone in need for free. Baby clothes, diapers, bed sheets, and play mats. We were very lucky to be given so much before our son was born. It feels good to give back to someone who maybe can’t afford much. We also reuse wipe containers for our cloth wipes, glad I saved them.

  14. I’m very fortunate that 90 percent of my baby items were given to me by good friends, and now my sister has received these items from me

  15. I try to buy second hand so I don’t mind selling it when we stop using it knowing if I can my mind I can just buy another used one! I also sharing things with my sister and friends. I lend them my baby bath or exersaucer for that baby stage and then there is less stuff in my basement!
    The clothes issue is a pain. I just had my second boy and yet people want to buy him clothes even though I have a whole wardrobe from my last son! I try to recommend they buy me diapers (for night time) but people just want to buy clothes ‍♀️

  16. We donate some of the stuff we don’t use anymore, others we sell. We aren’t comfortable enough financially to give everything away so we sell some, I’m working on making my son pants to fit over his cloth diapers. For every pair I make from repurposing adult jeans/pants (that have broken zippers, buttocks or crotch holes, legs have to be relatively intact to have big enough sections of material to use)I’ll give a couple of the pairs pants I already have away. The other pants we have that don’t fit over cloth will be sold to buy material for pants that will fit.

  17. I’ve never heard of a buy nothing community! I’m going to look in my area. I’ve been thinking a lot about how wasteful things can be since becoming a mom, especially around the holidays. This Christmas my family agreed on no gifts! My son was only 18 months, so he got a few of his toys he already owned wrapped up. He loved them! He had no idea what was going on, but had lots of fun opening his “new stuff”. It felt so refreshing to not have a huge pile of stuff to bring home and mull over where to put. I also now love searching for used baby toys before buying new. I cringe at the thought that my son’s toys will be in a landfill long after we’ve all gone. I got him a well used, somewhat ratty looking Little Tikes cozy coupe, and he just loves it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. I’m part of the Buy Nothing group on Facebook. It’s crazy the amount of “stuff” we have. I’m constantly asking myself do I really need this? What is this for?
    Great article!

  19. I love the buy nothing project ! This is how I got a majority of our baby things! Through multiple groups on Facebook I got all my daughters clothes (pretty much from 0-12m), toys, bottles, pumps, bath tub, play pen, 2 exersaucers (one for at grandmas), cribs (one for me and my sister in law)…. the list goes on!! It was SO amazing the stuff I was able to get through the community. So helpful for when you are just starting out !

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