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Mom is “wowed” by Lil Helper


“After cloth diapering 4 children, it takes something extra special to wow you. You would think that with as many brands are out there, as many different types of diapers that are available, that true innovation would be hard to come by. But Lil Helper has managed to do that!”

“Cons? Hmmmm, I want to give everyone a fair and honest review here, and that really does mean no cons. I haven’t found a single thing about the diaper, wipes, or wetbag that I don’t like.”


Lil Helper Diapers – Awesome, Dad Run Company with a Mission


“How many aerospace engineers does it take to design a cloth diaper? Uhh…well…two! Mohammed Gandhi (yes, that’s his real name, I asked so you didn’t have to, hee-hee.) and Nader Abu El Samid were college buddies, who both have a bachelors and a masters in Aerospace Engineering and have full-time jobs in the industry.”

My absolute favorite thing about this company is the humor. Take some time to look around the Lil Helper website, and I promise you will find something to make you chuckle on every page.”


Seriously, Loving Lil Helper Cloth Diapers!!


“A company that I’m so glad I’ve found and that has a great sense of humor is Lil Helper. Go take a look at their site. There’s about a 99% chance that you will be amused. And, you’ll relax at the idea of cloth diapers. After all, this company was started by two men that met in a Calculus class (this speaks to my inner geek!). That’s right…not moms, but two men. Mohammed and Nader have created the diapers and the business using their expertise from different fields.
Not only are they looking out for the environment and their kids and your kids’ bottoms, but they are also looking out for those less fortunate. Through their Baby Do Good program, for every three diapers that are purchased, they give one diaper to a family that can’t afford it.


Diaper rash free with Lil Helper Charcoal Diapers!


“Our Sweet Baby has EXTREMELY sensitive skin and sometimes she even gets rashes with cloth diapers – not with the charcoal since they can hold more and keep baby dry while doing so. The organic, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities of charcoal bamboo are best suited to soothe your baby’s nasty diaper rash.”

“No redness on those chunky little legs either! 🙂 While we loved the Charcoal so much”


Lil Helper Cloth Diapers Get Love From a Geeky Parent.


“One of the awesomest things about Lil Helper is their Baby Do Good program. The idea is simple – the company donates 1 diaper for every 3 sold to a family in need – but the impact is, I’m sure, anything but “lil”!

To top everything off, Mohammed and Nader are just a great couple of guys – they’re super-passionate about their company, customer service-oriented to the max, hilarious and totally geeky! (And trust me – that’s a compliment coming from Yours Truly!) To see what I mean, take a lil (hee, I just can’t help myself) browse around their website and you’ll surely find yourself LYAO at the colourful analogies and biting wit.”


Zephyr Hill excited about design and quality of Lil Helper Diapers

“Before I get into the specifics about Lil Helper cloth diapers, let me just say that owners Mohammed and Nader deserve a high five for picking the perfect name for their product. These little gems are honestly helping me save time and money; both are hot commodities right now in this household.”

“I don’t unsnap the inserts when I wash the diapers. They can be washed together and this really makes cleaning up a breeze. It also means you can pull the diaper out of the dryer and put it right back on baby again because the inserts are already attached. Yes, little shortcuts like that mean a great deal to me. As most of you know, I have a lot on my plate these days with homeschooling, blogging, housekeeping and incubating baby #7, who is due to arrive in 6 weeks. (And if Samuel doesn’t potty train in that time, we’ll have three in cloth – ackk!!).”


Lil Helper Cloth Diapers Holds A Much Needed Intervention


“I was really nervous at first about putting the Charcoal bamboo diaper on my son because, well, its all fleece and fleece is a natural repellant for liquids but it turns out that it can actually hold a lot of pee! We didn’t have any leaking issues with the fleece and it was super soft against DS’s bottom. The bamboo cotton and regular cotton diapers are also really nice and soft. The Bamboo cotton is so super soft and the regular cotton diaper has a birdseye (like prefold material) feeling to it but it also held a lot of pee.”

“We haven’t had any leak issues with these diapers and I am pretty pleased with their performance.”


“Cloth Diapers From Lil Helper are Amazing


“These are one of the best diapers we’ve tried. I like how easy it is to simply snap on the liners just before my son uses them as well as how easy it is to snap them off when I need to wash them. Since my baby is a bit on the thin side, I appreciate its flexibility in terms of sizing. I guess that’s the magic of charcoal bamboo. It’s also so soft. I think it’s the softest material I’ve seen in any cloth diaper. Since the prices of the Lil Helper diapers are just at par with other brands, I can say that these are a great value for your money. You’re getting awesome quality for just the average price of cloth diapers.


Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Is Featured For Its Innovation


“The Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diapers by Lil Helper are not only amazing but created by two Canadians with a sense of humor – you’d have to have one dealing with poo all day long wouldn’t you! In addition to the bamboo cloth diapers having naturally deodorizing, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties they also do good each time you diaper your baby. Every three diapers purchased Lil Helper donates a diaper to a family in need throughout North America with their Baby do Good program.


Lil Helper Impresses Yet Another Cloth Diaper Expert!


Overall, I’m very impressed with Lil Helper. They are a great company with great products, a great mission and a fun website and attitude. The diapers and inserts are made with premium materials, but since the shells can be reused with fresh inserts, the overall cost is much lower than similar diapers.”


Move Over Chinese Pre-Folds, There is a New Cloth Diaper in Town


“I wish I could have captured E’s expression when I put on Lil Helper’s charcoal bamboo cloth diaper. Super soft, the diaper and its two bamboo inserts with seven layers of absorbent cloth, stayed in place with snaps.

Once on, my guy jumped up and paraded in his new blue diaper. ‘Look, Mommy,’ he said before dancing around in the house. Cloth diaper bum is the cutest thing around, but Lil Helper cloth diaper bum is even more fantastic.


Lil Helper Scores Really Well With Northern Mama!!



Two Thumbs Up for Lil Helper Cloth Diapers!


I always love supporting good, homegrown Canadian companies, and Lil Helper is one of the neatest cloth diaper suppliers I’ve found in a while. Run by quirky friends and business partners Mohammed and Nader, this business is a labor of love that aims to better not only the cloth diapering realm but also the world in general. Right off the bat, I was impressed by their vow to supply one cloth diaper to a child in need for every 3 purchased by the consumer. They also boast free and fast shipping anywhere in Canada as well as some of the wittiest web site writing I’ve seen in a while 😉 This is a great company with a terrific lineup of unique and innovative products, and I’m happy to share them all with you in this two-thumbs up review! Overall, I am highly impressed with Lil Helper’s professionalism, innovation, and quality products.


An Urban Mom loves Lil Helper a lot!


“I’m a little bit in love with these diapers. Here’s why:

They are a Toronto-based company, started by two dads who are aerospace engineers. (Alas, wearing the diapers does not actually make Charlie fly, but that’s okay)

-For every 3 diapers they sell, they donate one to a family in need (such as through shelters).

-These guys are funny – they sent me the best PR email ever, and their website is hilarious, if you read closely enough.

-I am madly in love with the Charcoal Bamboo diaper modeled by Charlie”


Ummi Bubu Very Impressed by Lil Helper Diapers!!


My first impression of the diapers, their website, their Baby Do Good cause, and their online ad video: Impressive!

Bubu loves to hold her feet and take them into her mouth. She is usually unable to do this while wearing pocket diapers as they are a lil bit bulky on her bum and restrict her movement. I was pleased to see that with these diapers bubu was able to easily hold her feet and bring them to her mouth. These diapers did not restrict her movement as they are super trim.”


Diaper Deals thinks Lil Helper Diapers are a Big Deal!


“From the moment I surfed onto, I could tell something was (refreshingly!) different. There was humour, wit, and what looked to be high quality products. Plus, through their Baby Do Good program, they give away one diaper to charity for every three sold… This definitely seemed to be a company I could get behind!”


Lil Helper Diapers – Awesome, Dad Run Company with a Mission

“I was really intrigued by the charcoal bamboo cloth diaper and excited to try this one out.  The liners are made with organic charcoal bamboo and the production process is truly fascinating…… So  how did they hold up?  I can say with confidence that this is an amazing diaper.  Keira has had a slightly stubborn diaper rash that keeps coming and partially going but the last time I changed her out of this diaper I noticed only the tiniest hint of redness. I also left her in it overnight just to test the claims about moisture wicking and absorbency.   This charcoal bamboo diaper definitely put my overnight disposables to shame so I think this will be reserved as our overnight diaper from here on out.  ”


Mommy Knowz a great diaper when she sees one


If you are looking for a Great Canadian company who treats their costumers wonderfully and wants to help not only the environment but other Canadian families who are in need look no further the Lil Helper! ”


Many good things from Million Moments

“I’m usually a pocket girl, but I love the construction of Lil Helper diapers.  Normally all-in-two diapers come with thin soakers that slightly resemble maxi pads.  And worst of all, they don’t hold in much wetness!  Lil Helper’s snap in soakers are amazing.  They come in pairs of two – one large and one small.  The large inserts can be used alone for older babies or paired with the small for heavy wetters or overnight.  The small inserts are great for babies 6 months and younger.  I use one small soaker with Kaia and have no problems.”


Mrs.Adventure loves “nerdy” Lil Helper Diapers


The phrase “talk nerdy to me” couldn’t’ be more true. Sure, there was a time in my life I might have thought the word ‘nerd’ was anything but cool (Steve Urkel comes to mind). But like all things, my views have changed. I can honestly say there isn’t anything that turns me on more than when you talk Facts and Numbers to me. And if you can remember percentages in your argument, I may drool on you.”


Great review for Lil Helper from Housewife Mama


“We never had an issue with leaks and were able to use it successfully overnight without any extra absorbancy added. If your child is a super-duper-heavy-wetter you might need to add more but it worked well for us as-is!”


Mama Papa Barn lovin Lil Helper Diapers, Wipes, and Wetbags

“Just a warning, I will over use the word soft, starting now 🙂 The bamboo wipes were as soft as a certain thick and puffy tissue you may have used once or twice in your life. They are about 8 inches square with two different textured sides. Love them. The wetbag was a small one with a drawstring, perfect for toting around on trips for a few diapers and wipes or for using at home for your mama cloth…”


Lil Helper Cloth Diapers Gets Chummy With Willowdale


The lil helper absorbancy is pretty great. We are not frequent diaper changers around here. I figure as long as there’s no poo, no rash, no leaks, and he’s not complaining why would I change it. In fact we often go through just 4 cloth diapers during the day even now he’s big and drinks a lot.”