The Parenting Olympics – Why would you win gold?

In August 2016, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In between diaper changes and Peppa Pig marathons, we managed to watch snippets of the games. At the end of the day, we climbed into bed and dreamt of hurdles made out of cribs, canoeing in a bathtub full of rubber ducky’s and mountain biking over a pile of laundry. Which got us thinking… if the Parenting Olympics existed, what would they look like?


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So, of course, we had a contest!

The question – “If the Parenting Olympics existed, in which event would you win gold?”!

The prize – a gold Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper (well, we actually call it Mango) and by random draw, the prize went to Fleur Fouchard in Saskatchewan, Canada!

We got so many incredible answers; we had to share them on our blog. Here are some of the best entries we received in our “Parenting Olympics Contest”

  1. These parents who prove sleep isn’t always necessary

“I’d win the women’s time trial of going 2000 hours with little to zero sleep and still being able to partially function as a human being” – Jasmin D.

“I would win gold in “functioning on no sleep” I’m always exhausted, but I still manage to get things done!” – Ariana G.


  1. … and these parents who know that if you want to win gold in the Parenting Olympics, sleep is DEFINITELY necessary

“Getting two toddlers to nap at the same time in the SAME ROOM. Ohhhh yes.” – Rose J.

“I would win gold in the Nap-a-Thon. Cause I’m all about sleeping when the baby sleeps!” – Kelly B.

“Getting a newborn to sleep, my friend calls me the baby whisperer.” – Lisa W.

i take a nap right here

  1. The parents who are always one step ahead of their kids

“The baby steeplechase – running everywhere trying to prevent his fast little fingers from shoving everything into his mouth…from hair, to ants, all the way to dirty diapers.” – Christina T.

“I would win the award for recognizing that silence is not always golden. Silence these days usually means she is standing on the dining room table or has gotten into a drawer that she shouldn’t have.” – Nicole N.

  1. These parents of multiple children who make those of us with only one feel bad for complaining. Ever.

“I would win gold for nursing my 8 month old fluff butt while wiping my 3 year old nose and helping my 8 and 10 year old with their homework AND keeping an eye on dinner all at the same time! That was my situation tonight!” – Jessica P.

“I would win the gold for being able to travel around the country with a 4, 3, 2 year olds and 5 month old with out losing anyone!” – Jennifer O.

“Getting 5 kids (9,6,6,4,1) and myself up and ready at 6 to be out the door in 30 minutes!” – Brittni K.

“I would win twin mommy zombie gold. For surviving the first year with no sleep.” – Nicole S.

cheaper by the dozen

  1. A lot of you talked about breastfeeding as if it were a sport in the regular Olympics… and we totally agree

“I’d win gold in marathon breastfeeding! My son went 12 hours straight latched on the other day when he wasn’t feeling well.” – Schaulis F.R.

“I win gold in breastfeeding golf. I am able to put that nipple in that mouth under any circumstance. Dark room? Nipple in mouth, one try. Wiggly baby? Nipple in mouth, one try BOOM. Daddy wants some loving? You get the point” – Tati L.B.

“Gold medal for producing cutest chunky legged baby! Everytime we weigh him the nurse asks if I’m making butter or breastmilk!” – Laura D.

“I would win the feed the baby every hour all day long event.” – Cheyanne B.

“I’d win gold for Longest Lactation! Lol! Creeping up on 11 years of nursing children. (I have six of them and we nurse til they self wean around 2-3 years. At one point I was tandem nursing a 3 year old AND an infant and pregnant. 😄)” – Bianca M.

“Breastfeeding. I have 8 kids and all together I’ve breastfed for 139 months and counting.” – Jeanie P.

“Long distance breast milk squirt😅” – Liz T.


  1. You’ve got to remember to celebrate the small wins and play the long game in the Parenting Olympics

“Holy smokes, I am seriously impressed by reading these comments, you moms have it together! I would win gold for the “hey, no one died today!” event.” – Tiffany I.

“Am I the only mom that’s like… The only thing I would win Gold for is “largest mountain of laundry to be washed” or “most dishes fit into the dishwasher at once” or “most fingerprints on the window”????” – Tawni S.

“Man I’m like Michael Phelps, been parenting since 1995! Definitely swimming, keep on swimming…” – Catherine B.

“Patience” – McKenzie C.

“The “Who can maintain their sanity” contest. Actually.. Id probably loose that. Stay at home mom.. Teething and growing toddler… Said toddler is Moody/strong willed.
“She’s hanging on by a thread! Will she make it to the end!?”
“I don’t know Joe, she’s got that crazy look in her eye.”” – Ariel G.

  1. Lego. ‘Nuff said.

“I would win gold in stepping on Legos without screaming out loud. Both silence and style points factor in my event” – Sheila K.

“Lego long jump” – Rachel W.

lego penguin

  1. We can’t have a Parenting Olympics Contest run by a cloth diaper company and not mention LAUNDRY! It was a major theme and you had us feeling mighty proud.

“”Refolding laundry relay” I fold clothes, my 2 year old tips them off the bed. So, I just have to be faster than him….he usually beats me 😕” – Vanessa S.

“Keeping up with diaper laundry 100% even when literally nothing else is done 😂”- Shelbie G.

“I’d win gold for staying on top of laundry at 9 months pregnant with 8 kids!” – Alisha B.

“Eco fluff washing. This girl only hand dries her lil helper diapers” – @mollyrudolph

cinderella laundry

  1. … and of course, the DIAPERS

“I would win gold at the “diapering sprint”, where the parent has to pin down their offspring, successfully remove poopy diaper, clean all the baby chub, and fasten on a new diaper. All while suffering through interference in the form of barrel rolls, small objects sailing through the air, bodily fluids being expelled with no warning, and the utter lack of a volume knob.” – Mindy R.

“Weight lifting because that charcoal can hold a lot!” – Edward N.

“I’d win gold in changing a cloth diaper on a breastfeeding toddler and being half asleep with only a small part of bed in the dark. I’m pro at it… most nights.” – Jaelisa N.

  1. These moms had us feeling all the feels

“Taking photos of baby to send to his dad on deployment for 8 months!” – @errign

“I wouldn’t win for anything, but my dad would for best babysitter.” – Melissa V.

amanda seyfried tears

  1. Especially this mom, who we admire so much

“The all around all day event… 3 kids and battling breast cancer…. did my four months of chemo and just had my double mastectomy and still keep truckin’ along” – Karen D.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

American Breast Cancer Foundation

  1. The relays were some of our favourite entries to read

“As the mother of three, soon to be four, I am the Michael Phelps of Baby Olympics. My five best events have to be 1) Parking Lot Diaper Changing 2) Negotiating with Nonverbals 3) Dodging the Mealtime Discus Throw 4) Seatbelt Bucking Martial Arts and the 5) Breastfeeding while cooking/shopping/dressing other children/folding laundry relay” – @emilyleyh

“I would totally win gold in the 100 yd dash – chasing a naked kid through the yard that is. I swear my kids always strip naked and run outside the minute I turn my back!” – Cherie M.

“I would win gold in the mama obstacle course. Every day we have to jump through hoops to be the best mamas we can be!!” – Aud K.

“Multitasking. I’m a breastfeeding, diaper changing, babywearing, dinner making, business running, house cleaning, coffee drinking mama machine” – Jenni J.

  1. There’s a special moment for every parent… when their child learns how to throw

“The fine art of dodging flying food, it requires anticipation, laser reflexes and cunning wit to avoid the aim of a toddler” – @kakapoaj

“Projectile-baby-food-dodging” – Leah F.

glee food

  1. … but you can’t be mad because you totally taught them how

“Shot put!!! Throwing toys into the bins!” – Nicole D.

  1. Here’s to the only two things that keep us going some days (and nights)

“I’d win for the largest cup of coffee drank 😂” – Danica M.

“Wine drinking 😬😂” – Stephanie W.

i love coffee

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Parenting Olympics Contest! Didn’t get a chance to enter but want to share your gold-winning-parenting-moment? Comment below!

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