The Lifesaver Mat: Helping New Moms from Pregnancy to Potty Training

Hi everyone! Caitlin here, still navigating the newborn stage with my second little, Becka, and here to share some of the many uses of my new love – the lifesaver mat!

The lifesaver mat by Lil Helper has so many uses from pregnancy to potty training. I didn’t start using one until my second pregnancy and I wish I’d gotten one way sooner! I thought, “why do I need a giant change mat like that?”. The answer is: FOR SO MANY REASONS! Here are some ideas for why you need one of these bad boys in your life!

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World Breastfeeding Week 2020 – Stories From Lil Helper Mamas

Welcome to World Breastfeeding Week 2020!

Over the next week, we will be dedicating our platforms to sharing the stories of the women in our communities and the different paths that they walked on their journey through breastfeeding. You’ll see stories of all kind… the good, the difficult, the uplifting and the decision to choose another form of feeding for their littles. All of their stories have been compiled here as well!

But one thing you will notice is that all of these mamas have one thing in common – they made the best decision possible for themselves and their babies. ❤️

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