Are Lil Helpers Long Lasting Cloth Diapers

Are Lil Helpers Long Lasting Cloth Diapers blog header image. Background shows a toddler wearing a lil helper cloth diaper holding on to a stuffed bear who is also wearing a lil helper cloth diaper. Hi, my name is Cherie and I have been using Lil Helper diapers for over four years.

I love them so much and they just released some amazing new prints! Since I love new prints I had to see if I could justify buying more diapers but, because Lil Helper diapers are amazingly long-lasting cloth diapers, I don’t really need more.

After cloth diapering my youngest and middle girl, it’s safe to say that my diapers have seen it all.

Long Lasting Cloth Diapers
My first diaper on the left and my newest on the right.

My diapers have been to the beach, taken a road trip up north, and even gone camping with us. Our cloth diapers tagged along and were adored by all who saw them!

My Lil Helper Diapers have stayed with us for close to four years. That is FOUR YEARS of constant use with my 2 girls!

I would add to my collection of Lil Helper Diapers as they came out with new prints or if I wanted more of a particular color. Not because any of my diapers has worn out or need to be replaced.

Long Lasting Cloth Diapers
New and Old Diapers all Together

One would think that after 4 years of constant use some of my cloth diapers might be ready to retire, but that simply isn’t the case. I still use all my diapers on my nephew when I babysit him because even after 4 years they show very little signs of wear!

Long lasting cloth diapers.
My nephew in my well used lil helper diapers

When I went to take pictures of my old vs. new diapers I the biggest problem I faced was that I couldn’t tell the difference!

Long lasting cloth diapers.
A new diaper on either side of one of my first diapers.

The only ones that I could definitively say were new were the ones that I just got in the mail! 

Long lasting cloth diapers.
When Rory got her first fluff mail.

After 4 years of constant use, with an admittedly large stash, my inserts have held up well. I told my husband that with how well our diapers have held up we can easily have a few more kids!

Let me show you some comparisons of my new-vs-old Lil Helper Diapers!

Long lasting cloth diapers.
My two lil helper cuties.

Charcoal Inserts

I am a fan of the charcoal inserts because they don’t show staining and they kept my kiddos feeling dry all the time.

Long lasting cloth diapers.
Outer 2 new diapers with one of my used diapers in the middle.

In case you aren’t sure of what the difference is between the charcoal and bamboo inserts, check out this awesome video from Lil Helper Diapers! 

Right out of the package they are as soft as butter! I’m not even joking – they are the absolute softest! And they don’t lose much of that softness in the wash either!

Bamboo Inserts

The bamboo inserts are great. However, when I first started with Lil Helper diapers the older generation bamboo inserts would shrink as they were washed so I found myself depending on my charcoal inserts more often.

Long lasting cloth diapers.
These are older generation bamboo inserts. The more they are washed the more they seemed to shrink.

When the new bamboo inserts came out it was a game changer! They can hold so much more wetness so they are the perfect choice for a long car trip just to make sure we don’t have any leaks. 

Long lasting cloth diapers.
These are the newer generation of bamboo which held their shape and size well.

I do have some staining on my bamboo inserts that I don’t have to worry about with my charcoal inserts. I know you can lay them in the sun and it can help get rid of the stains but I am really the only one looking at them and it doesn’t bother me too much. Following a good washing routine like the one suggested by Lil Helper will help keep your diapers and inserts pristine!


Not only have the inserts held up great but my covers are still in perfect condition too. The one time I had an issue with a broken snap I wrote to the Delight team and they fixed everything because they’re seriously angels! (They even list tons of ways to contact them because they love to help customers with anything and everything!)

Long lasting cloth diapers.
One of my favorite blue diapers still looks as pretty as the day I bought it for my older daughter.

The insides of the covers are still soft enough that I use them as swim diapers without the inserts. 

Long lasting cloth diapers.
This is the inside of a new cover next to one of the first ones I ever got. (The new one is on the right.)

(Can I take a second to say how excited I am that Lil Helper has just released SWIM DIAPERS!)

Photo Credit: Tamara Boden – Wanderlust Photography, @littlebennybo

So, as I am near the end of my diapering journey, (unless God blesses me with another lil miracle) I look at my diapers and smile. I feel so blessed to have found, not only a product that exceeds expectations but a company that has become like family!

Long lasting cloth diapers.

These long-lasting cloth diapers that are older than my youngest child have so much more life left in them. They will either be used on another of my own babies or passed down to a mama friend who is just starting out her fluff journey.

When you purchase Lil Helper diapers you are NOT ONLY buying the only diapers you will need from birth to potty training for one child, but for any and all children you ever have.


Hey guys! Just had to share his adorable little fluff bum 😍 Rocking it in the same diapers her big brother used to wear, it’s so nice that we were able to reuse these beauties, thanks so much for making such an amazing product that LASTS! 😊 Brittany

How long have you been using Lil Helper diapers?

Long lasting cloth diapers.

Did I miss any of the amazing attributes from these diapers and their absorbent inserts?



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