Lilhelper new products, colors, and styles for Spring 2013

Waterproof Cotton Change Mats

Announcing‘s new products, colors, and styles for Spring 2013! We at are pleased to announce that we are introducing several new products, colors, fabric patterns and cloth diaper styles. In an effort to reflect spring in all its glory, we’re adding new colors and prints to our cloth diaper line.

And what’s more: a new style of cloth diaper has been added to our product line.

So who doesn’t love spring?

That’s rhetorical. Everyone loves Spring. New flowers, blossoms, warmth and (drumroll please)

A list of the additions to‘s cloth diaper line:

6 new colors
4 new prints
1 new style of diaper – low cost and lite

But is about more than diapers. We are pleased to be adding several new products to help you (and your baby): blankets, swaddlers, waterproof change pads.

New Products from

11 new designs of flannel receiving blankets/ swaddlers (41″ x 41″)
7 new designs of low cost change pads/mats
5 new design styles of crib mats

Follow us on FB for updates. We’ll be posting photos of our new products and prints as they come in!



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