Kickstart To Spring Cleaning

Kickstart To Spring Cleaning

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Hey everyone! Ariel here this week.

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March 20th was officially the first day of spring. I know a lot of us are still buried under mountains of snow, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that we can start doing now to get ahead of our spring cleaning!

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Keep reading if you want to know what I like to do every year when the weather starts to warm up!OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS

This is my absolute favourite thing about the warmer weather.

I love feeling the breeze through the house, and I love how it airs everything out and makes it smell good. So, the first day that it’s above 0, I open every single window in my house.

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Why not just open one or two windows, you might ask?

Opening all of the windows gives any breeze a chance to flow through the entire house. I find it way more effective at airing out every single room, rather than just the one or two places where the windows are open.

This allows the dust within the house to move outside and will help improve the air quality overall.

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It changes my whole mood and gets me ready to clean!

I would definitely suggest that you turn any heat you have on in your house down prior to doing this. In the words of my mother, “you don’t need to heat the entire neighbourhood!”


One of my least favourite parts of winter is how everything gets covered in salt. You get all of these annoying white lines on your boots and they can be a bit difficult to remove.

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They also can do damage to your shoes long term, so that’s the first thing I like to clean up. I go through everyone’s boots and wipe them down with boot wipes (insert link). A solution of vinegar and water works well as a homemade alternative. Have a few Lil Helper Tshirt Wipes kicking around? Dampen them with your solution and you’re good to go! They’re extremely durable and will hold up perfectly through your cleaning routine.

Once all of the shoes are clean, I spend an entire day washing all of the other winter clothing. Hats, gloves, jackets, scarves… You name it, it’s getting a good wash!

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For this, I would highly suggest checking the washing instructions on your winter jackets. Depending on the type of filling they have, washing recommendations can range from machine wash all the way to dry clean only. That’s something I check when I am initially purchasing our winter jackets, and I try to buy only things that can be washed at home.

For all of your winter accessories like gloves and hats, washing them in mesh bags is the best option! Typically they will be made from more delicate materials and you don’t want them to snag in the wash.

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This is also a good time to give your car a nice deep clean. I personally like to take my vehicle to a DIY car wash so that I can remove all of the interior mats, vacuum everything out and really make sure I clean any salt residue from the carpet. You can use the same boot solution from before to help with this process!


You’re probably over there thinking… gross, does she only wash her bedding in the spring?

I can assure you that my bedding gets washed weekly. The special thing about doing it in warmer weather is that you can hang it outside to dry!

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If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor drying line, break that sucker out right away. It will make a huge difference in how you feel when you can go to bed in freshly washed bedding after a day of cleaning!

Because of how long it can take to wash your bedding, I’d highly suggest starting this task first thing in the morning. You might not be able to do it on the same day as you’re washing all of your winter gear, and that’s totally fine. There’s no problem with this being a multiple-day process!


Is it just me, or do you also tend to avoid doing a thorough declutter during the winter? I try to avoid spending time outside in the cold if I don’t have to, and any items we don’t need and want to donate just stick around.

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Now is the time! Go through your home and anything that you’ve found yourself thinking about getting rid of can go! You’ll feel like you’ve made massive amounts of progress just by doing a massive declutter.

I recently watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. It has inspired me to really look at everything in my home and declutter a bit more seriously than I have in the past. There’s a LOT that can go! If you’re unfamiliar with her process, I highly suggest that you watch the first 2 episodes on Netflix or check out her book, The Magic Of Tidying Up. In a nutshell, if you hold an item and it doesn’t “spark joy”, then it’s time to pass it along. Adhering to this process can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you setting into a good groove and the end result is well worth the process!

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Once I’ve decluttered, my home feels cleaner and lighter and my mind feels happier. This is one of my favourite spring cleaning tasks.


This blog post is just the start of the spring cleaning process. Healthy and easy habits that you can do to start making your home feel clean and ready for summer.

Once I’ve gone through these steps, I like to make a plan of attack for the rest of the house. I list out the things that I feel are important, and I asked my husband to do the same. Then, we sit down and go over our lists to make an ultimate plan. This just helps us make sure that we accomplish the things that will both make us happier with our home.

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As an example, here are the things that were on my list:

  • Finish painting the living room.
  • Sort and organize all our books
  • Huge family clothing purge
  • Re-organize the entire kitchen

And here is my husbands list:

  • Sort and organize all our books
  • Major porch purge
  • Create organized crafting area
  • General garbage collection through house

In this case, because neither of us had an insanely long list, we decided to keep all of the items on it. The next step for us is to decide when and who will complete each task. So, we take out our calendar and plan when we will both book days off from work to complete certain tasks. This isn’t necessary for everything on the list, but for things like painting the living room we definitely wanted to both be home.

Everyone will have a different list and different process to getting everything done, and that’s totally fine! Just having that open communication is the most important part of making sure everything gets done.

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Now that you’ve started the process by getting some of those big winter-related things done, check back next week for another post all about spring cleaning!

What do you prioritize when it comes to spring cleaning?

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