How To Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash Naturally?

 Every parent wants to know how to prevent and heal diaper rash. At some point every baby will have a rash, even in the best circumstances. While there are many ointments and unguents out there to heal (and they do a nice job, in many cases), we at Lil Helper have another solution: our charcoal cloth diapers. 
Q. I have only used disposables before, but my kid breaks into a rash every few weeks. Cloth diapering seems like a lot of work. What are my other options?
A. Modern cloth diapers, especially the ones made by Lil Helper are as convenient as using disposables. You will have no trouble using them. The slight change from using disposables will pale in comparison to the comfort your child (and you) will feel without a nasty diaper rash. The other option, which is impractical, is to let your baby go au naturale in their birthday suit. The only decision you have to make is picking out colors.Q. What size of diaper do I get for my baby, who is allergic to almost all other diapers?
A. You don’t have to worry about sizing. As long as your kid is at least 7 lbs and less than 35 lbs, our cloth diapers will fit them just right. Our charcoal cloth diapers are called one-size cloth diaper, thus they are adjustable on the waist and the rise.

one size cloth diaper, ideal for use during a baby's diaper rash or treatment of diaper rash


Q. Are you guys doctors or medical professionals?
A. No, we are neither doctors nor medical professionals. The designers and founders of Lil Helper Diapers are practicing aerospace engineers. We cannot guarantee that the charcoal cloth diaper is panacea for diaper rashes, but the materials that are chosen to construct the charcoal cloth diaper work wonders to prevent and help heal diaper rashes as demonstrated by evidence provided by various happy parents.

Q. Can I diaper my child full-time with charcoal cloth diapers?
A. Yes you can certainly diaper full-time with these diapers, but we have a couple of options that are more economical for full-time cloth diapering. We strongly recommend that you use the charcoal cloth diapers if your child has sensitive skin or as soon as you feel an onset of irritant diaper dermatitis or diaper rash. Other times you can use the charcoal inserts with other Lil Helper Diapers.

Q. I plan to use charcoal cloth diapers only until my baby’s diaper rash is healed. How many do you suggest I get?
A. If you are planning to use our cloth diapers till your baby’s diaper rash is remedied or shows signs of improvement, just buy 6-8 charcoal diapers. This should last you a day. You can simply wash and dry the diapers in the night and use them again the following day. Get more diapers if you would like to go longer periods of time without doing laundry.

Q. I am new to cloth diapers. Are there any special care or precautions I need to take when using cloth diapers?
A. We recommend that you wash the diapers with warm water and a tiny bit of detergent before first use. You will see that the diapers will become more absorbent with washes. Also, avoid using any kind of creams when using cloth diapers. Creams will form a water barrier on the diaper making the diapers water repellant and preventing the liners from absorbing moisture. Other than that you can use them like any article of clothing. Use, wash, dry and re-(ab)use.

Q. Where do I store the dirty cloth diapers in between washes?
A. We also sell special waterproof bags that are used to contain dirty cloth diapers. These are called wetbags. We have a couple of sizes available- choose what you think is right for you.

Q. Is there anything else I could do to help heal my baby’s diaper rash apart from using the charcoal cloth diaper?
A. Pediatricians recommend that you should not use any disposable wipes as they most likely contain alcohol or perfumes that might further irritate your child’s skin. You could get our super soft cotton wipes. The cotton wipes dipped in lukewarm water would be ideal for cleaning your baby between diaper changes.

Q. Somebody on a forum told me that disposables better for diaper rashes?
A. Actually no. Although disposables absorb a lot of liquid, they also have chemicals like bleach and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) that could be aggravating your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, disposable diapers seal your baby’s tush, preventing any airflow. Our cloth diapers allow for ventilation with the slightest movement of your child.

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