Cluster Feeding Survival Tips

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Hey all! My name is Jessica. I am very lucky to have a chunky 5-month-old boob monster who inspired this post (she’s awesome) and a fantastic husband who indulges my LilHelper obsession!

Cluster feeding, otherwise known as don’t-plan-anything-because-you-won’t-get-off-the-couch time. Cluster feeding is when babies space feedings closer. This is normal and can be experienced day or night. If you have twins, it is often referred to as bed camping and you will soon learn why.

Read on for our cluster feeding survival tips!

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Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful time and you get ALL the cuddles from your sweet baby BUT you will not get anything done.

Laundry? More like “how many times can you wear the same outfit before someone realizes?”

Cooking? Take-out is your new best friend.

Cleaning? Just no.

Everything takes a backseat. You will be amazed by how much your baby can eat during this time. How does so much milk fit inside such a small human? I am still trying to figure it out. cluster feeding tips blog post by Image of infant saying "one does not simply nurse, one allows the milk to roll across the palate."

Now that you know the game-changer you are about to experience, let me share some life-saving tips. I do mean life-saving because starvation is a real threat.


NEVER waste time. When your babe wakes up from one of his/her milk drunk naps, don’t dilly dally because they are going to want to eat again in about 2 minutes. This is a good time to GRAB ALL THE SNACKS. I should probably point out that you’re going to want to make sure you have enough snacks during one of the many cluster feeding times.

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These are my go-to’s: Snack Factory pretzels, Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookie, blue Gatorade (Don’t ask me why but it just tastes better than all the others.), peanut butter and something to dip in the peanut butter (or a spoon, your choice.), some other fruit to make me feel healthy, water, tea, and a smoothie.

Now, you may be wondering how do I even put it all together. This is where “Never waste time” comes in handy. As soon as my babe wakes up, I rush to the kitchen. Sometimes she lets me put her in the playpen to play or on the swing and that gives me enough time to rustle up my snacks. If she doesn’t want to be put down, I throw her in a sling and grab as much as my two hands can hold.

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NEVER waste time. Now you may be saying to yourself “she already said that!” It is THAT important. During your babe’s wake-up time, it is super important to change their diaper lest you are willing to risk a meltdown.

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With the technology of your Lil Helper diapers, babe won’t feel wet but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a diaper change. It is a good rule of thumb to change their diaper or inserts  about every two hours. This is also a good time for YOU to use the bathroom. May you never experience the pain of having to pee and being trapped under a tiny human.

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Comfy clothes, roomy couch, and lots of TV or books are now your best friends. I usually find a good spot on my couch (near the end table for best accessibility to snacks and drinks) and make sure its super cozy and has a phone charger near it. Need comfy clothes? Why change out of your pyjamas? Sleep naked? Throw some sweatpants on and enjoy all that room!

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Make sure your boobs are super accessible! You want your snacks nearby, don’t you? Exactly. I know this seems like it doesn’t need to be said but it does. I’ve made the mistake of wearing a shirt that wasn’t easy to pull down and had to pull my belly out and basically had a topless day. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. In which case, go you!cluster feeding survival tips clog post for Image of infant with mouth open and text that reads "Tits out now mom."
And last but not least, NEVER waste time! Good luck and enjoy your cluster feeding future. 

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What are some of your cluster feeding survival tips when your tiny human won’t separate from your body?


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