Are your Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby’s Skin?


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Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on Your Baby’s Skin?

Your little needs a diaper change.
You play with baby happily as you prepare them for a diaper change.
You have everything set up and begin the diaper change process.

As you open the cover, your face drops.

sarah jessica parker is shocked at cloth diapers leaving marks on baby's skin

These Darn Red Marks!

You feel horrible thinking that maybe your baby’s diaper was hurting them. Don’t worry!! We are here to help you determine what is normal and what is not when it comes to leg marks. And what to do to ensure your baby’s diaper fit is not too tight.

What is Normal?

A) Any marks left on the thighs that look like sock marks are NORMAL! Depending on skin colour, marks will look redder on paler babies and appear as “indents” on babies with darker skin. Indents are also normal and don’t cause your baby any pain or discomfort. Remember, you’re in the green if any redness subsides after a few minutes.

Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's SkinCloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's Skin

B) Marks left by snaps is NORMAL. Yes in some cases snaps leave an imprint on your baby’s skin and these too are normal!

Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's Skin

What isn’t Normal?

Any marks that are angry red, sometimes purple welts on the skin. These type of marks don’t subside after a few minutes and will cause discomfort to your baby. If this happens to you, take a deep breath.

Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's Skin

It’s not your fault! These things happen during our parenthood journey. Give your baby some naked time while you figure out the fit and make adjustments as needed.

How to Prevent Marks

The only way to prevent cloth diapers leaving marks on your baby’s skin that will cause discomfort to your baby is to perfect your fit! I know this may sound challenging but here are some quick tips to guide you:

1) Make sure the elastic is sitting in the knicker/underwear line and not around the thigh.
2) Use the loosest setting possible without having a gap between the diaper and your baby’s skin.
3) Remember hip and waist snaps don’t have to match.

See, you have nothing to worry about! As long as you keep these tips in mind, to avoid over-tightening your baby’s diaper, you will be fine. Remember to keep in mind what is not normal just in case you are faced with the need to recognize it. But for the most part, relax when you see normal elastic marks much like those left behind by hair bands on wrists. Don’t let marks on legs have you seeing red.

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7 thoughts on “Are your Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby’s Skin?

  1. I’m having lots of trouble with this. I had problems with leaking with no gap, so I went tighter. Now I have red marks. I use the double liner, change st last once every 2-3 hours, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. But these red marks are permanent on my daughter’s skin. We used disposable on my daughter for a few weeks and the marks didn’t go away. I’m about ready to give up!

    1. Hi Stephanie, I am so so sorry that you are experiencing leaks and additionally I am so sorry for not seeing your comment until now! Something happened with our notifications and we hadn’t realized you commented!

      Leaks can be caused by a number of reasons so if adjusting the fit didn’t stop them, there has to be another culprit. Your diapers shouldn’t have to be super tight for them not to leak so my first guess is that your inserts are repelling. We can help you get to the bottom of this, so if you are still in need of it, we are here to help!

      Please email us at so we can do some troubleshooting and end these leaks! We are here for you!


    2. Leaks aren’t necessarily caused by fit, there could be inadequate absorption causing it, you could have compression leaks if the inserts are microfibre or bub could be flooding the inserts and require stay dry liners. What type of material are your inserts made from and how many do you use? How old is bub?

  2. I keep getting angry red marks on my 17 month old daughters groin. I’ve gone looser and if I loosen it any more it will gap. Its in her groin not on her thighs. They seem ok. But I’m still getting the red marks. I feel terrible with every nappy change

  3. My daughter is less than a week old and we’re using the rumparooz diaper shell. No matter how loose or tight I do her diaper it leaves marks and indentions. Sometimes the marks are so bad they are white surrounded by red and raised! My snappis haven’t came in the mail yet so I’ve been trifolding her prefolds instead of wrapping it properly. Will being able to wrap her prefold around her help?? They’re also suuuper bulky currently. She’s using the newborn size.

  4. I keep getting angry red marks to the point my son has scarring. Is there anyways remedies? We do get good fits if he’s not a wiggle monster lol but from the other times there are marks that just never left. Any advice would be great thank you

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