When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope – a woman’s wish to conceive

when a cloth diaper means hope

When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope

Every culture has traditional symbols of hope. In Native American culture, it is the arrival of a yellow butterfly. The swallow is a symbol of hope in Aesop’s Fables and other literature. The Maori people have the spiral shaped Koru, often carved out of jade and worn on a necklace. For one of our customers, their symbol of hope is a bright yellow Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diaper.


Image: Bright Yellow Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diaper

It started with a simple inquiry. A customer had seen that we offer replacement or exchange cloth diapers, and this made her a bit nervous about the quality of our products.

P.S.: Most of what we read in the media is how the human race is devolving. We are sharing this conversation in the hope that it will make somebody’s day better. Somebody who is going through the same struggles as the heroine of this story.
(The identity of the customer has been concealed at their request. We have her permission to share her story.)



Thanks for your email.

I wanted to just check in – as I am not even pregnant yet but we are exploring cloth diaper options.

I wanted to ask why you offer replacement or exchange diapers? That makes me nervous about the quality??

Let me know when you have time.




Mohammed, the Lord Commander of Lil Helper and “Chief Everything Officer” (AKA our CEO), did his best to reassure S.



Hello S,

Thank you for choosing cloth diapers for your unborn child and considering Lil Helper!

Our cloth diapers are handmade and manufacturing defects happen once in awhile. Our defective rate is less than 1.5%, which means that in every 100 diapers we sell, things go wrong with less than 2 diapers. I would be lying to you if I told you each and every product we sell is perfect- it’s not. What is 100% and perfect is how well we treat our customers.

Unlike other companies that give customers the run around when it comes to exchanging defective products, we treat our clients like gold and make sure they are not inconvenienced in the least and offer replacements and exchanges if and when things go wrong.

Please don’t be worried, if anything you should treat that as an insurance and are a company that stand behind what we sell.

Each and every customer of ours is like a part of our extended family. If you are wondering what a family member would do when one of their kin is hurting, see this: http://imgur.com/a/Miyff

If you are still not convinced about the quality of our products and customer service, have a look at our reviews

These are just a fraction of the reviews that we have on our website. I would urge you to explore our website. BTW we don’t censor or edit any reviews.

Even if that doesn’t convince you, here’s my cell phone number: 647 885 4642 (I am the CEO), give me a call anytime. Now try doing that with any other company.




A little bit of sincerity can go a long way. Mohammed’s absolute confidence in Lil Helper’s products and values had such an effect on S, that she opened up about the difficulty she was having conceiving.



Good afternoon

I hope that this email finds you well. I was floored by your sincerity & kindness in this email.

It’s not often that people speak so openly and confidently from the heart about a company that you can tell — they truly believe in.

Your compassion has truly touched my soul.

I bought this diaper despite the fact that we have been having a hard time conceiving and are presently going through fertility treatments.

I bought it to spur on HOPE for our new year and baby intentions.

And, It now will sit in our one day to be babies room as a reminder that their are a ton of good people who are cheering on strangers simply, because they can.

Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me of true human kindness. You are a person who is here to change the world.

With more gratitude than you know


Ps. I can promise when we are blessed with babies we will 100% support the lil helper brand.


Good afternoon.

I hope that this email finds you well.

I don’t know if you remember me but we spoke briefly by email and I let you know that although we are having fertility problems I am going to keep my lil helpers diaper in our to be babies room as inspiration.

Well my order arrived today and the cloth diaper (which I have no idea how to use but just having it here makes my heart soar!) is the perfect shade of sunny shine yellow.

I love it!! It filled me with even more inspiration than you’ll ever know.

I’ve made my ginger tea from you (thank you!!) and will plan on sitting to sip and truly be peace filled and setting gorgeous intentions for 2016.

Thank you times a million.

With gratitude


Like the yellow butterfly in Native American culture, for S. a sunny yellow Lil Helper cloth diaper symbolises hope. For us to know that a Lil Helper cloth diaper means something so powerful to someone, well, it’s kind of a big deal.


Hello S.!

I absolutely do remember you and I apologise for not answering to your earlier email.

Your last email was the highlight of my week and I called in my wife to read it- thank you so much for pouring your heart out.

I am so honoured that you chose Lil Helper as an inspiration and hope for having a child.

When I say this, I mean it in all sincerity- the universe always grants you your most innate desires. If that desire for you is to have a child and nurture the baby into a valuable member of society, I am certain that desire will be granted.

Now I am not a person who attaches himself to religious beliefs but I truly believe what I said earlier.

My five year old daughter, Zara, is visually challenged. If someone had asked me six years if my wife and I, would be able to raise a child who is visually impaired, I would have said big NO. But now, we don’t think it’s any different than raising any other child. Sure there are challenges but none that cannot be overcome.

So if you are having trouble with conceiving, this struggle in its own way will make you a better parent and as a whole a better human being. You will be able able to empathise more with people around you and appreciate all the good that is already in your life.

Please let me know when you conceive (I usually write an if and when in most probable case scenarios, I don’t think it’s necessary here) as it would give me immense pleasure to know that the universe is still spinning in the right direction.

I am sure 2016 will be a better year for everybody!!




Image: The planet earth with the quote “A world that answers”


Good morning Mo!!

I wanted to email and say thank you did YOUR email. It made me cry. When I read it to my cousins – it made them cry. And it made my mum say that is the type of man I envision for my husband who speaks with such kindness, sincerity and intentions

You’re such an inspiration. Truly.

I am waiting on one of my best girlfriends to let me know how the diapers are working on her new baby. Once I get her review I’ll be ordering a few more. It’s setting the wheels in the perfect direction. And again –  beautiful reminder of what is already happening in a world that answers.

I know this will be an incredibly successful year for you. Your grumpy friend will see 😉 you have HEART – and with a clear focus and determined heart – you’re already there

Enjoy the snow. It’s not my favourite but I’m grateful for the days we have here

With kindness and gratitude



As I was writing this, I happened to be gazing out my window when a yellow butterfly flew by and landed on the window pane. It’s springtime here in New Zealand, and that was the first butterfly I’ve seen in a long time. My jaw dropped, and my heart leapt in my chest, tears welling up in my eyes. This butterfly is for you, S. May the hope it gave me for your family travel across the ocean and into your home.


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  1. We have your diapers covering the bum of our daughter who was conceived after 7 years of infertility and 9 treatments! Best of luck, S.!

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