When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope – a woman’s wish to conceive

when a cloth diaper means hope

When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope

Every culture has traditional symbols of hope. In Native American culture, it is the arrival of a yellow butterfly. The swallow is a symbol of hope in Aesop’s Fables and other literature. The Maori people have the spiral shaped Koru, often carved out of jade and worn on a necklace. For one of our customers, their symbol of hope is a bright yellow Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diaper.

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Lil Helper Buzz

Wondering about our diapers and the materials they are made of? Maria of Change-Diapers.com recently shared a very detailed and photo heavy review of our products. She even made a video (and we all know how nerve racking a video of oneself can be)!

I already liked this company a lot before I had even touched one of their diapers! … I’m very impressed with Lil Helper. They are a great company with great products, a great mission and a fun website and attitude. The diapers and inserts are made with premium materials, but since the shells can be reused with fresh inserts, the overall cost is much lower than similar diapers. ~Maria Change-Diapers

Next is Lisa Day of This, That and The Other Things and she tried our diapers on her potty trained son who still needs protection for naps and nighttime.

…I wish I could have captured E’s expression when I put on Lil Helper’s charcoal bamboo cloth diaper. … Super soft, the diaper and its two bamboo inserts with seven layers of absorbent cloth, stayed in place with snaps. … Once on, my guy jumped up and paraded in his new blue diaper. ‘Look, Mommy,’ he said before dancing around in the house. Cloth diaper bum is the cutest thing around, but Lil Helper cloth diaper bum is even more fantastic. ~ Lisa This, That and The Other Things

Thank you to both for your wonderful thoughts on our diapers and company!