Lil Helper Dances into the Happy New Year!!

To ring in the New Year, Nader and I wanted to do something special for our customers. We called our immensely talented friend Vennu, who is currently in India after a whirlwind World Tour concert season. We asked him if he could help us in creating something, anything that could showcase our love for the art of soulful singing and trance dancing.

This was Vennu in ‘brainstorming’ mode with himself when we asked him to write a song for us.

Vennu, the creative lil bugger, went overboard – as usual – and crafted this delightful song that he sang for us over Skype. Nader and I, had tears in our eyes when we first heard him croon it. Only later did we realize that we were tearing up because Sophia, my wife, was cutting onions in the kitchen. Regardless, we loved it and were about to release it as an audio file.

Vennu Singing for us over Skype.

Then, the prolific showman that he is, Vennu insisted on making a music video as well. The video as you can see below is both poetic and dramatic. A visual delight for the senses. Even though we are thousands of miles away in Canada, through Vennu’s direction and creative vision, both Nader and I grooved to this melodic chant and gave it everything we had.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we loved making it for you. It is aptly title: I want to wish you, enjoy New Year.

If this single has got you curious about Vennu, I would highly suggest you waste spend another few minutes and watch his breakthrough single “It’s my LIFE” that made him a YouTube sensation. Personally, Jon Bon Jovi should be ashamed to have a song with the same title as this magnum opus. As Vennu himself says, “Its not a song, its his life”.

Also, for a limited time, Vennu is ALLOWING his fans to buy autographed pictures of himself for $33+S&H. If I were you, I would jump on this amazing offer while it lasts. I gave these as Christmas gifts to all my family. Needless to say, they all loved it.

This portrait will be a collectors item in less than 50 years- Guaranteed. Grab them while they last.

If you are wondering what this article has to with cloth diapers or cloth diapering- NOTHING. This post has nothing to do with anything we do. This is just a peek into our passions and where we draw our creative energy. For some people its Einstein, while others look at John Lennon for inspiration, but Nader and I find solace, comfort and motivation from Vennu.

Please let us know, if you too were moved in the same way as us. And if you weren’t touched by Vennu’s melodic voice, then I am sorry to say a part of you is comatose. I rarely judge people but in this rare instance- I will.

4 thoughts on “Lil Helper Dances into the Happy New Year!!

  1. Love it! My 15 month old son just randomly got up and danced his butt off to it, clearly I had to videotape that. You got a fan!! Both for the diapers and your music!

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