Baby Do Good: Cloth for A Cause (and QUADS!).


As you know, our business model at  includes donating 1 cloth diaper for every 3 we sell. Here’s an update on our Baby Do Good program.

We are pleased we (and you, our customers) are able to give our support to these Ontario families (one with preemie quads, another with two sets of special needs twins).

From: Mohammed Gandhi | Lil Helper <>
Date: 18 July, 2013 4:37:45 PM EDT
To: Cloth for a Cause ON <****>
Subject:Re: HELP! CFAC Applications

Done and done!

Can we have a story about with them with a few pics and their story. Regardless you have our support. Would you want me to send you the dipes or the family itself.

On 2013-07-18, at 4:26 PM, Cloth for a Cause ON <****> wrote:

quad1Hi Mohammed,

Hope you and your family are staying cool in this lovely summer heat.  We’ve been making short trips to the splash pad, or into the sprinkler in the backyard but mostly staying indoors during the ‘hot’ portion of the day.

I have received 2 applications via CFAC that I thought may be of interest to you.  One is a family in Windsor that recently added 4 preemie girls to their family.  Quads!  The babies are still in the hospital at this point but the mom has applied for cloth diapers. Can you imagine the savings by cloth diapering 4 babies!?  Crazy.

quad2The second application is also from Windsor, and it is a foster family that currently has 2 sets of special needs twins, as well as the emergency cases they take in as needed.

I’m thinking each family will need at least 100 diapers total in order to keep up with all those babies.  I do have enough diapers (probably) to help these families but I do not have enough one size diapers, which I think would best benefit both families.

I do know you sent a bunch of diapers to Janaya recently but is there a chance you may still have some to donate?  Any amount would help.  I think it is a great opportunity to help these families that don’t necessarily fall into the same category as most of our applicants.



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