Finding My Tribe

How I Found my Mom Tribe by Blog
Hi everyone! Tamara here.  Jess’ recent post about
how to pick up Mom friends got me reflecting on my own experience with finding a Mom Tribe.

I had no idea that enrolling in a prenatal class would be the single most important thing I did for myself, socially, as a new mother. Nor did I even realize at the time how valuable Mom-friends would be to me in that first crazy year of parenthood.

How to find a Mom Tribe by Blog

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5 Steps to Getting Insta-worthy Cloth Diaper Photos

header image featuring a toddler holding a toy camera, with the words '5 steps for getting insta-worthy cloth diaper photos' over top. By blog
Hi guys! Tamara here again! I have a confession: 90% of my Instagram feed is made up of cloth diapering parents and their adorable, cloth-diapered babes (the other 10% is french bulldog puppies and pugs).

Some of these accounts have literally thousands of followers, and the engagement on each of their images is through the roof! Have you ever wondered how they do it? I am here today to share 5 steps to getting instaworthy cloth diaper photos of your own, so wipe those sticky fingerprints off your lenses & phones, charge up your batteries, and read on!

.gif of instagram 'likes' counter going up by blog

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