Apply To Become A Lil Helper Ambassador!

Do you love Lil Helper products? Great! We’re really glad to hear it! 

Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE Lil Helper products? Do you tell all your friends and neighbours and mailmen about them? Well the [Lil Helper]Ambassador Program might just be for you!


Because our ambassadors are Lil Helper’s lil helpers. Lil Helper Squared. We’re so clever. 

So, is this group for you?

Lil Helper Ambassadors are patrons like you who are using our products or who have used our products. You’re involved in social media discussions, believe in our products and our philosophy.

You’re already spreading the good news about our company. We are making it easier (and more fun) for you to share your enthusiasm about Lil Helper. Lil Helper doesn’t have a marketing team so we rely on our customers to share our awesomeness through word of mouth. Because who would you trust more? A marketing team of strangers? Or your best friend, cousin, neighbor, colleague?

Well I would obviously trust someone I know, but everyone has a marketing team. How come you don’t?

Honestly, marketing is expensive. We choose to not spend that money so that we can do other things like focus on our Baby Do Better program as well as keeping our costs low so customers like you can keep enjoying our affordable prices 🙂


The fun stuff! You get to talk to people about awesome products! Products that you love and use and believe in. Maybe you’ll convince someone to try one and they’ll love Lil Helper as much as you but BEST of all you might make a new friend!

So on top of knowing that you are spreading the word about some awesome products that can help out people in your life, there are also serious perks to being an ambassador!

Ooh, Im intrigued. Tell me about the perks!       

All participants will have the first look at new prints/designs/products. The Ambassador group members will be able to vote between colour combinations, prints, and solid colours. They will then have first access to these new products. 

·      Free Tester Products! Items will be distributed to select eligible members for trial and feedback before the introduction of a new product.

·      Exclusive Lil Helper Coupon Codes! This is given to lil helpers that they can share with their friends and family.

·      Earn Points! Each time their unique coupon code is used, Ambassadors get rewarded via points which can then be redeemed for new products or awesome merchandise!

·      Join Our Amazing Community! Access to the super secret private Facebook group exclusively for the Lil Helper Ambassador Program where there are monthly contests to win awesome prizes!

This all sounds incredible and I need to apply immediately!

Great!  As mentioned above we rely on our ambassadors to spread the good word of Lil Helper. We expect our ambassadors to have used our products and believe in our philosophy. Being helpful, kind and honest are things that are very important to us.  Are you ready to shout our praises from the rooftops?


But wait… I haven’t tried any products yet. 

 If you haven’t used a Lil Helper product then sadly you’re not eligible to be an ambassador just yet. It’s hard to recommend a product that you haven’t used yourself.  Once you try something let us know what you thought! We love feedback. And if you loved it as much as we hope you do stop back and apply! 

Applications are accepted once every 3 weeks and the application process is open for 24 hours. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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