A Mother’s Thank You Note to Lil Helper

By Sam

My daughter Emmalee was 10 months old when I started cloth diapering.  As we were a family of 6, living on an income of less than $25K, I had to purchase the least expensive diapers I could find. I didn’t start cloth diapering until then because I had to wait until we received our tax refund in order to have the money for such a large, one-time expense.

In short: I was using diapers which were made of synthetic materials.

The Problem

By 14 months, Emmelee reacted badly to all the diapers I tried, developing a red, “warm” rash anywhere the diaper touched her.   I had stripped the diapers using Dawn, RLR, and spent one day using only water.  I tried washing in several different brands of detergent, including “CD safe” detergents.  I tried several CD safe rash creams, but she reacted to three well-known brands of cream.  One brand of CD safe rash cream and Coconut oil were the only ones that helped, but once she was back in those synthetic diapers, the rash reappeared.

Just to give you some history: when Em was born, she showed signs of severe GERD, which many of you may simply know as acid reflux.  She was hospitalized, but later, she continued to have choking episodes.

Finally, we received another diagnosis of MSPI, which is a milk/soy protein intolerance.  Fortunately, with the help of Nexium, a prescription for her GERD and Neocate, an expensive prescription formula for her MSPI, she was relieved of her symptoms.  Knowing she had these sensitivities, I wasn’t surprised when Em had a reaction to the synthetic fibers in her diapers.

I spoke with several cloth diaper experts who all suggested charcoal diapers.  The rash appeared only when she wore cloth diapers, not disposables.  After seeing a blogger recommend Lil Helper on her Facebook page, I checked them out.  I decided their bamboo diapers would work the best for me, but even at less than $25 each, they were way out of my price range. We live in such a small area that there are no programs available to us that could provide cloth (or even disposable) diapers.

The Solution

I contacted Mohammed at Lil Helper hoping he could at least provide me with some suggestions.  What he told me was more than I could have ever hoped.  Not only did he send me 4 charcoal diapers for only the cost of shipping, but he also gave me some names of companies I could contact for more aid.    To my surprise, when I got the package, there were also 2 of the organic bamboo diapers.

I want to thank Mohammed, and most of all the customers of Lil Helper diapers.  Because of your purchases, I was able to get a few diapers that work for my daughter.  She is now 18 months old, and no longer has rash issues.  Both the charcoal bamboo and organic bamboo work for her.   I have tried the synthetic diapers again, just to see, and she breaks out in a rash within a day.   I love using cloth on my daughter, and didn’t really want to switch to disposables because of the benefits cloth should have on my daughter.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  From the bottom of my heart, thank-you for your help.  Without this help, I would have to be using disposable diapers, and have the ongoing expense of the disposables as well.

Giving Back: Baby Do Good (The Sequel)

I love the motto of paying it forward.  I have a friend who is expecting, and she is also on a very limited income.  When Em is out of diapers, I am going to pay it forward by giving them to her.  I really believe that when someone does something good for you, then you should do something good for someone else.  And I love the feeling I get when I help someone.

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