5 Reasons to Baby Wear

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Hi there! My name is Erin Summers. I’m a blogging Mommy to my amazing daughter. I am brand new to the Creative Content Team here at Lil Helper !!

I want to talk about how there are soooo many choices that we as parents must make.

Those choices run the gamut from simple to super complex. One choice you will have to make is whether or not to baby wear!

I’m going to give 5 reasons to baby wear and why I think all parents should consider it!

Reasons 1: For Your Kiddo

Reasons to Baby Wear Reason #1 - For your Kiddo. Picture of a mom wearing a newborn in a stretchy wrap

Babies love to be held close.

They want to know that you’re physically there.

They love the scent of their parents and being able to feel your warmth and heartbeat.

Read more about how bonding is supported when you baby wear.

This doesn’t go away as they move into their older stages either! Think about how many kids love to sit on their parents’ shoulders or be given a piggyback ride.

It may start out as snuggle time, but eventually, it can evolve into their personal perch where they can see the world from a safe place—right next to you!

I’m not saying you’re going to wear your 16-year-old (but, hey! No judgment here if that works for you!)

There are a lot of families who “baby” wear through the start of grade school, which leads me to another of my reasons to baby wear.

Reasons 2: For Increased Safety and Mobility

Reasons to Baby Wear - Reason #2 For Safety - Picture of a Mom with brown hair baby wearing her baby in a red ring sling. They're both wearing sunglasses and looking really cool.

You become more mobile when you baby wear.

Strollers can be totally awesome. Unless I’m going to the grocery where I’ll be pushing a grocery cart. I also hate using a stroller in a large crowd where people will be bumping into me.

Strollers are also nearly impossible if you want to go on a hike with your kiddo. When you baby wear, it allows you the opportunity to go anywhere you want while safely carrying your child.

Reasons to Baby Wear - one of the reasons to baby wear is for safety. This is a gif of a little toddler girl with black hair, a bow in her hair, running towards the camera. It's fall as there are leaves on the ground and she is dressed warmly.

There are times where it’s great to just let children roam and run, but there are other times when you need to be able to keep an eye on them.

Sometimes curious toddlers can make it very difficult to watch them and do anything else, leading me to Reason 3 on my list of reasons to baby wear.

Reasons 3: For You to be Hands-Free

Reasons to Baby wear - one of the reasons is for you to be handsfree. this gif shows a group of dads dancing while babywearing.

Whether you have a snuggly baby or a mobile toddler, or maybe you have both, you can keep them happy and safe while you get things done when you baby wear!

Need to do some laundry to clean your Lil Helper Cloth Diapers?

How about drinking a glass of water?

Perhaps, you need to do your grocery shopping?

Unless it’s something that could be potentially dangerous like cooking over a hot stove, or walking on a slippery surface while having a baby tied to you, baby wearing allows you to do what you need to while taking care of your kiddo.

It is always important to keep the safety of you and your child in mind while you baby wear.

All parents are superheroes, and not all superheroes wear capes, but I’ll be honest, this super Mama wears her baby just to make it through most of our days!

one of the reasons to baby wear is so that you can be handsfree and that makes you feel like a superhero sometimes because you can get so much done and take care of your little one easily. This is a gif from the movie The Incredibles featuring the superhero Mom character running and opening up a manhole. She is dressed in superhero gear.

Reason 4: For Convenience

Strollers have their time and place, but they’re so bulky.

one of the reasons to baby wear is for convenience. baby carriers are more convenient than strollers. This gif is of dogs pushing other dogs in strollers. They're not very good at it, which makes it funny.

If you forget to pack the stroller, then you’re stuck carrying your child in your arms.

And let me tell you, my arms get tired quick!

Wraps and carriers are easy to fit into a diaper bag with all of your other cloth diapering gear such as the changing mat or wet bag.

If you have more than one carrier you can keep one in the car for whenever you may need it. Keep another one in the house for daily use. They don’t take up a ton of space so it’s easier to store them.

There are some wraps that even replace the need for a diaper bag altogether. They come with all the storage built into the design of the wrap!

Reasons to baby wear - convenience. This is a gif of a mom shopping at Target. She is babywearing her toddler on her back and pushing the cart. The gif says "On Tuesdays We Target"

There have been lots of times that I think my little one is going to sit nicely in a grocery cart or wherever, but when she gets fussy, I just pop her into a wrap and wear her.

Reason 5: For Super Cute Pictures

Number 5 of Reasons to Baby Wear is for the cute pictures! This is a picture of a mom with her three kids. One is in a stroller, one is walking and her newborn baby is in a baby carrier on her front.

Number 5 of Reasons to Baby Wear is for the cute pictures! This is a picture of a mom babywearing her twins. She has one twin on her front and one on her back. She has brown hair and is wearing sunglasses.

I love a cute picture of someone wearing their kids. 

In fact, I’ve taken pictures of me and my daughter in wraps at every stage.  It may seem silly in my list of reasons to baby wear, but it’s seriously one of my favorites!

There are lots of different types of carriers and designs. There are super minimalist ones, all the way to bright and beautiful designs.

I don’t want to recommend a specific type of carrier for you to use while you baby wear. What works for one person may not work for another.

Instead, I would recommend finding a local baby wearing group. There you can ask questions and get some hands-on support while trying out the different types of carriers. You can find your local ones here, here, or here.

a good reason to baby wear is for all the adorable pictures of you and your kid. This is a gif of a toddler girl playing with a camera tripod.

But, no matter which style you choose, take the picture!!!

Share the pictures with us! We will see you super parent, wearing a modern-day cape with your precious kiddo right there!

I’m including a video here of the wonderful baby wearing instructor who taught me how to use a wrap. She had twins and used wraps for all the reasons to baby wear I’ve listed above!

The video is of her showing how she’s able to wrap BOTH of her kiddos at the same time. It really illustrates all the things that I’ve talked about and hope that it sparks excitement for baby wearing!!!

Don’t forget to share your cute baby wearing pictures on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time to read through all my insights, but now I would love to hear your thoughts!

What are your reasons to baby wear? Which wrap turned out to be your favorite and why?

What questions do you still have?

Maybe you chose not to babywear. How come?

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