Why Should I Choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers over Disposables?

We feel a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Those following our blog or website will know we’re not ones to follow the “brevity is the soul of wit” axiom.

But recently, we thought we might make it easier for those of you who are more visual in their approach. For those not preferring a graphical representation, text follows below the image.

Why choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers over Disposables? So many reasons. Here are just a few:


1) You want your kids to leave a better legacy than their dirty disposables: Until a North American baby is potty trained it contributes approximately 6000 disposables to the landfill which will remain there until your child’s great great great great great great great great grandchildren are born (500 years- just so that you don’t have to do the math). On the other hand most cloth diapers, as their name suggests, mainly consist of cloth which will completely disintegrate back into the ecosystem at the end of its life-cycle.

2) You don’t use candles to light your home: Imagine buying candles from a big box store to light up your home for an hour at a time and then lighting another one that will also need replacing. It is inefficient to use candles to light your home, apart from the fact that it could also be messy and expensive, dangerous at times- plus they wouldn’t do a good job anyways (can I make the analogy to disposables any more clear??). Using candles to light your home in a power outage would make sense because it is a temporary solution to the lack of electricity. That is how one should view disposable- as a temporary solution. As a long term solution cloth diapers are the sustainable choice and the more efficient one. In other words if you use a bulb instead of candles than switching to cloth diapers should be an obvious choice.

3) You are not a billionaire: Even the most luxurious and expensive cloth diapers will end up costing you far less than disposables, when you compare on a per diaper change basis. Most people go the extra mile to save some cash since “money does not grow on trees” but when it comes to diapering their kids they will not think twice about putting their hard-earned money on the side of the curb- wrapped in a garbage bag, of course.

4) You do things thinking about the long term: If you had to choose between a $100 car that will not last you more than a month compared to a $2000 car that will last you at least 4 years- which one would you choose? I am guessing the $2000 car unless you want an escape vehicle after robbing the bank. If you have or plan to buy a house as opposed to renting for the rest of your life, you have thought about the long term benefits and cost savings. Dropping a little bit more cash to buy cloth diapers will definitely save a you a lot more money in the long run because you will not be spending $50/week for the next 2 ½ years buying disposables.

5) You don’t like driving to your a big box retailer every week: Every parent that has used disposable will tell you that they are in constant fear of running out of disposables and if they are all out they dread doing the 2am round to get their next fix. It is how Jerry Seinfeld describes the fear of running out of milk, but at least milk is healthy, nutritious and it makes some ordinary cereal taste incredible; cannot say the same about disposables. Cloth diapers save you the time, energy and hassle of visiting your drug store (pun unintentional) every week. You will have enough things on your “buy-list” anyways, once your family starts growing.

6) You love your kid’s tush: Your lil one will definitely appreciate the fact that you are covering their most delicate parts with soft, natural cotton and not chemical ridden plastics and potentially harmful material. In return they might be less cranky and a tad bit happier. And when your kid grows up and refuses to put you in the better retirement home just because it’s a longer drive from where they live, tell them that you used cloth diapers since you wanted the very best for their well being… and now this is how they repay you. We’ll gladly accept a portion of your pension, if you want to say thanks.

7) You want to help the community: Admit it, if you had the time and the energy, you would be volunteering at your local soup kitchen or donating a part of your paycheck, be it just a tiny fraction, to a worthy cause. Well, we too are like that. We will give one brand new PUL cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers we sell. This gift will be made on behalf of our patrons, our customers, and will be done at the end of each month. The Baby Do Good section of our website is where we will hold ourselves accountable for our pledged diapers. By committing to this pledge we are contributing our drop in the ocean. To be fair, the credit still rests with our customers for making it possible.

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