Moms Share Why They Choose Cloth Diapers

Everyone has their own reasons why they choose to diaper their children in reusable diapers.

In many countries reasons range from cultural practice to the fact that disposable diapers are a luxury item.

For those in North America where reusable diapers are quickly on the rise but still the rare choice there are many reasons they choose cloth diapers.

Recently during a Lil Helper Facebook party we asked moms to share why they choose cloth diapers and here is what they had to say:

Financial Savings

We started out just to save money. We had two children then a third surprise, so finding ways to save a little extra was our main concern. But I have to say after researching all about cloth vs. disposables and how easy it really was I wish I would have started with my first child, never to late though. ~ Kelli Colenutt-Attenborough, Facebook Fan

Being a single young mom and a college student i try to save money in any way i can and this seemed like the perfect way to save me some money and save my baby’s butt from nasty chemicals. ~ Lexi Michelle Conklin, Facebook Fan

To save money. We knew when I had baby #2 I would have to quite working. And that took a chunk out of out income. No I want to buy so many bc they are so cute. But I have to remind myself I was blessed to receive 20 diapers and I am making it with that many so I don’t need to buy more. ~ Kaitlin Marie Hay, Facebook Fan

Sensitive Issues

I started looking into it when I was pregnant mainly because of sensitive skin (eczema etc) on both sides of the family. Figured it would be a good way to circumvent diaper rash issues! ~ Heidi,

I decided to do cloth during the day and we use Huggies naturals diapers @ night. My son was getting a rash that resembled a chemical burn that was bleeding and cracked and chaffed. We just switched him at 10 months and the rash was gone within a week. ~ Keely Booth, Facebook Fan

We were kinda thrown into cloth diapers. Due to sever eczema, my son was not able to tolerate disposables. The added toxins caused him to react with a horrific rash. We make the switch, and have never looked back. Cloth diapers helped improve my sons skin as well as saved our family thousands of dollars in diapers and rash creams. ~ Courtney Fisk, Simple City Life

Less Trash

No garbage! & to save some money ~ Jessica Regan, Facebook Fan

Wanted to save some money, plus got tired of taking diaper trash to the dump. I started CD at 14 mo. Been hooked for 2 mo now. ~ Kelly Clingempeel Skubisz, Facebook Fan

From Generations Past

My mom cloth diapered both me and my sister when we were babies. I had a couple of friends who cloth diapered, and when looking at the possibility of spending over $2000 in something I will just throw in the trash vs spending under $200 for something I’ll used over and over for as many babies as we have how could I not?! Thankfully my husband was very supportive in my desire to cloth diaper our boys. Then turns out our first son was allergic to disposables anyways! (we were given some and so we used what we were given but something in them made him break out.) So there’s no question that we’ll be DCing baby boy 2 once he arrives in July. Plus…Their butts do look wicked cute in lots of fluff! ~ Jessica Arber, Facebook Fan

It’s A Fluff Thing

With the twins, I didn’t really get the bug. I was too tired to think about diapers! I has my one brand, and I had a lot of them, and I just moved up in size when the time came. Now that we are having a singleton, I think I will have a little more brain power to think about different diapers, and I have the bug! I’m having fun collecting different styles and patterns, and can’t wait to experiment and try them all out! ~ Pam Stone, Facebook Fan

I have the fluff bug! Now that we’re expecting #2, I have the newborn fluff bug and have been stashing those away! ~ Felicia Risi, Facebook Fan

Image Credit: Lil Helper Cloth Diaper Gallery

Why did you choose to use cloth diapers in your home?


7 thoughts on “Moms Share Why They Choose Cloth Diapers

  1. I love your website. I love cloth diapers, but I can’t stand pocket diapers. I think your diaper design is awesome and I can’t wait to try them.

  2. I would love to try your diapers. My favorite thing about your website is that you give 1 cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 purchased.

  3. I am just getting ready to start cloth diapering. 🙂 For us, the decision was based off of our budget! We just can’t afford to add another huge expense in disposable diapers to our budget. After researching, I am super excited to start cloth diapering our first. I know it is a great investment- we will use the same diapers for all future children too! 🙂
    By the way- LOVE your site! Just found it through the Lil Helper Starter Kit thing on Dirty Diaper Laundry. Its really easy to navigate!

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