What I learned after the death of a parent

A year ago today

Last year on this day me and my family unwillingly became members of a club that no one wants to be in. Sadly, a lot of you are probably here with us.
On Sept 24th, 2016 We had got a call from my mom early in the morning that my dad had a major stroke. We panicked and started to get ready to head over to the hospital. Twenty minutes later my phone rang it was my mom again my heart sank and I didn’t want to answer my phone. I answered and I could hear my mom crying “Amber dad passed away I’m so sorry”
What I learned after the death of a parent - My dad's last birthday with us, that smile I will never forgetWe cried and cried together on the phone. I just kept thinking ‘why, how could this happen’ It wasn’t fair.
We knew dad was sick but no one expected him to leave us as quickly has he did. He always had such an optimistic attitude and a smile on his face. There is so much to say about my dad, He was a devoted father and hard working businessman. He was caring, loving, Positive and FUNNY, Oh his humor! he had such a wicked sense of humor that would leave you in stitches. My kids adored him because he was the “funny Grandpa” he would always give my kids ridiculously huge sized candy bars and say “don’t worry about what MOMMY says GRANDPA says you have have it”  When my daughter was a baby he use to tease me about her cloth diapers and tell me I was washing mounds of poop in my washing machine. My kids miss him, my son tells me he has a “grandpa in heaven”
Memories that I will cherish forever are our summers up at Hickory Grove. I always laugh when I think back to how dad would curse about how all of us girls “over packed” for a weekend. My mom secretly nicknamed him “customs” and I’m honestly surprised he never started weighing our bags. He loved being in his boat on the water.
What I learned after the death of a parent - Remembering how my dad loved to spend time on the water in his boat

 What I have learned after the death of a parent

A year has passed but the pain my family feels is still fresh. I still feel as empty and gutted since the day we got the call. What I have learned about grief is that it doesn’t necessarily get better but it will be less and you will learn to cope with it. You will learn to live again and you will be thankful for growing number of days where you remember them and smile, these days will overshadow the dark days – It’s OK to have those days where you cry but I know my dad would want to be remembered with love and joy instead of pain and tears. So everyday I do my best to honor his life and remember him and all the wonderful memories I have. So this one is for you dad.
 To my Dad, who always encouraged me. You were there for me always. I hope you are proud of me today I miss and love you so much, Rest in the sweetest paradise dad you deserve it xoxo 


To everyone else reading and has also lost a loved one may we all find strength and healing in each other. My love & prayers go out to you all. xoxo

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