What’s with all the SNAPS?! How does a one size cloth diaper fit?

one size cloth diaper fit
Snap To it – or – Doing It Up Right!!

How does one do up all those snaps on our Lil Helper cloth diaper covers?

The Spectrum of Scary

For those new to cloth diapering, the snaps could scare anyone. How DOES a one size cloth diaper fit?! On the Spectrum of Scary, it’s exactly between putting together furniture from IKEA and meeting one’s in-laws for the first time.

one size cloth diaper fit
We’ll let you decide which is the more scary end of the spectrum. We don’t judge.

Our mandate at Lil Helper is to make your life simpler, not more difficult. The snaps can—and have—confounded the brightest and best minds of our generation. Some take to them like the proverbial duck to water, while some are less inspired. So, without further ado, today’s blog post.

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How often should I change my baby?

how often do I change cloth diapers

Today, we answer on our blog THE WORLD’S MOST DIFFICULT QUESTION. Well, if you’re new to cloth diapering, this (and laundry how-to’s) is likely the biggest question troubling you today.

How often do I change cloth diapers?

How often should I change my baby?

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Cloth Diapers for Chubby Babies: The Right Fit for your Not-So-Little lil One

lil helper cloth diapers for chubby babies blog header - image shows an adorable chunky baby in a lil helper cloth diaper

Guest Post by one of our very own customers, Shannon!
My Photoshop skills are off the charts as is clearly seen by specimen #1 above.


Little sprout. Wee one. Littles. Smalls. Everything is TINY from the clothes to the toes, right?

So there you are, moments after your little bundle of joy has arrived — … except your wee one isn’t so, ….well, ….. little.

So, you are the proud parent of a {not-so-little} little one. Congratulations!

Whether it was your secret Viking heritage or that extra helping of cake during the last trimester (you TOTALLY DESERVED it), you may never know.

But what you *do* know is that now you’ve got to figure out how to cloth diaper little Buddha without any not-so-little leaks and a mountain of unnecessary laundry.

Okay: the name “Lil” Helper initially seems to dissuade you, right?

You’re far too clever for that. You know better.

Of course you you’ve heard about the grow-with-baby design. An adjustable rise, waist AND leg opening that will snugly fit your little giant from 7 to 35lbs? A diaper of clearly mythical proportions.

So how *DO*  you, exactly, achieve the PERFECT fit on your not-so-little squish?

The good folks at Lil Helper get asked this question a lot. So they went to the source: a real, honest-to-goodness Lil Helper-loving mama with a bonafide Viking-sized baby. Moi.


“Hi! I need help with fit on my chunker. He’s just over a year old, over 29 lbs, Buddha belly and chunky thighs. When I put the diaper on, the insert seems to tug on the snap in the front. The front always seem to have a gap no matter how many snaps I snap in. Anyway, any tips are appreciated!”— Cristina E.


I’m a visual person, so hooray for pictures!

First thing is first: your rise might need adjusting. If the diaper is coming up too high over your baby’s Buddha belly and not fitting snug at the waist, that can make your fit wonky.

cloth diapers for chubby babies

Wonky fit = leaks and gaps = bad news bear.

Just like some folks prefer the mom-jean high-waisted trouser or the hipsters in their low-rise skinny jeans,  each body is different. LH’s design is adjustable to accommodate every baby’s body type. To adjust your rise, use the three rows of snaps  located on the front of your diaper. Using the top snaps, match them to the desired row. (There are two different row settings, with each removing about an inch off of the length of your diaper’s rise.) Optimally, the top of your Lil Helper Cloth Diaper should sit comfortably just under your baby’s paunch, at the hip line, without any plumber’s crack at the back.

cloth diapers for chubby babies

Next, fiddle with the leg opening for those lovely chunky thighs — use the three vertical snaps along the front to get them snug but not uncomfortable. They should sit in the uppermost crease of the hip/leg — not in a lower crevice — I know, it’s sometimes hard to get them in the *right one* on Michelin baybays. 😉

cloth diapers for chubby babies

Last, there’s the waist. Those handy flaps are stretchy and can overlap — if there’s a gap at the top, making them snap over top of each other can do the trick. Again, just make sure the waist is sitting on the hips, below the muffin top and the Buddha belly.

And there you have it folks! The perfect fit for your not-so-pint-sized baby! Doubtless there will be obstacles ahead for your future physical pillar of society — small doorways, little rental cars and too-short showerheads. But with Lil Helper, cloth diapering won’t be one! Now go forth, and do great things. You will tower above others in your knowledge. Both literally and figuratively.

How the right Cloth Diaper will Improve your Love Life?

Admit it. Your love life hasn’t been the same since the baby was born.

Yes part of it is because of the hormones and the added work that is associated with taking care of a new life. But most of it is because you don’t get enough sleep.

Are you feeling stressed all the time? Guess what? It’s because your cortisol levels are through the roof— the stress hormone is elevated by 37% when you don’t get a good night of sleep. So if you feel edgy or overwhelmed during the day, the chances are you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

High stress levels also dramatically increases your appetite and reduces metabolism,  ultimately resulting in weight gain.

If your cortisol levels are not managed it might also result in the early onset of Type 2 diabetes and obesity because of  imbalances in your blood sugar. Darn you cortisol!

The lack of sleep also reduces your testosterone levels. Testosterone modulates arousal in both men and women. Low testosterone, means a low libido, means.. you get the point.

So although a good night’s sleep will not make your hubby look like Bradley Cooper or make him as handy as Ty Pennington, it will certainly make you feel like the best version of yourself.

If you think this article is kinda simplistic, it is purposely dumbed down for parents who are running on little to no sleep. Because you guessed it right, sleep deprivation also affects your brain function. And just to be clear, the effects are all negative.

Now let’s examine why you don’t get enough sleep.

Because you are constantly waking up at all hours of the night to attend to your screaming machine AKA lovely baby.

Your kid wakes up for mostly 2 reasons in the night.

  1. Hungry.
  2. Needs their cloth diaper changed.

There are a host of other reasons why babies wake up at night like growth spurts, circadian rhythms, teething, etc.  Or they want to teach you a lesson for taking them out of the most comfortable place in the universe- your womb. Mostly they wake up because they are hungry or need a change.

So Lil Helper Cloth Diapers has solved the keeping-your-baby-comfortable-enough-so-they-don’t-wake-up- every -hour part of the mystery.

Lil Helper’s Charcoal Diapers are completely stay-dry and will let your baby easily sleep through the night.

PREwash-Nov2-2014Both charcoal inserts used together can hold upwards of 180 ml of moisture- a lot more than what the average 20 lb. baby releases in 6 hours.

And our waterproof one-size cloth diaper cover ensure that all the mess is contained inside the diaper itself. No messes to clean up.

If your baby is well fed and is comfortable in their diaper, it will help them sleep through the night, which will let you sleep through the night.

And once you wake up with a good night’s rest you can be a better mom and a better partner to your significant other and almost everything else will take care of itself, love life and all.

Inside the head of a sleepless mom

I am a parent. But I feel like a zombie.

Is this what zombies feel like?

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Obama became the president.

I am sure it’s Obama’s fault.

Obama has aged so much in the last 6 years. I have aged so much in the last 3 months.

Being the president of US is a tough gig. But being a mom is tougher. I bet Obama couldn’t do what I do.

NEED TO SLEEP. Everything is better after I’ve slept for 3 straight hours. Undisturbed.

My worst night of sleep before kids was 7 hours.

And I have to still pretend to love my husband. Obviously the baby is far more cuter and doesn’t demand a sandwich every evening. But that poor sucker also needs a bit of attention.

Who is the real baby?

I am sure I could figure all of this out if I just took a nap.

Oh crap. The baby is crying. Time for another change. I just changed him 1 hour ago.

Hope to goodness the baby doesn’t develop another diaper rash. That last diaper rash wrecked even the last semblance of sanity. I will forever remain indebted to the universe if we do not have another diaper rash.

But oh my gosh the love I have for this little screaming, needy, sometimes smelly, mostly moody, poop making piece of…. dust…fairy dust.