The Science Behind Two Cloth Diaper Inserts

We all know the burning question you all have…. why are there two inserts?

Uncle Mo is going to answer just that question. So if you have been curious to know why there are two inserts and when to use both, look no further. We also discovered a question many of you have desperately want to know… Does Uncle Moh wear socks with sandals?

On a serious note though, this video is all about why we have integrated two inserts into our Cloth Diaper design and how they work.


2 thoughts on “The Science Behind Two Cloth Diaper Inserts

  1. LOVE the versatility of being able to adjust the absorbancy by interchanging charcoal and bamboo inserts and boosters when needed. My daughter was just weighed at an appointment with her cloth diaper on, and then I realized how wet she was and asked them to re-weigh her after the change – there was a POUND of difference, and no leaks!!

  2. I love pairing a big bamboo with a small charcoal for naps! Perfect combination of absorption and stay dry feel for my heavy wetter!

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