10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

We all know the reasons cloth diapers makes sense. We’ve researched the facts and figures, added in the moral responsibility to save the Earth one diaper at a time, but here are the real reasons “real” parents choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers:

Lil Helper's Cool10. Increase your Cool Factor by 100%

Any baby can wear disposables but slip that tiny bum into a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper and watch the cool meter climb…a thrifty, environmentally conscious babe… no one will be able to resist your cloth-clad kid.

9. No Need for Pants

The bright, fun colours and unique patterns match any outfit, on any occasion. No pants are ever required to dress up an outfit. Just slip a Lil Helper onto your tot and head out the door.

Pants are highly over-rated anyway. I mean, who actually wants to wear pants?

8. Class Up your Clothesline

Nothing cheers up the backyard than a fresh line full of brightly coloured fluff swaying in the breeze. It’s a lot cuter than the neighbour’s underwear you’re forced to stare at. So really, you are doing your neighbours a favour as well.

Lil Helper Classy Clothesline7. A Pick-Up Line at the Playground for Like-Minded Parents

Sort of like picking up a cute someone in the produce aisle with “aren’t these fetching cabbages?” I mean who does that? We all know parents need a good parent-friend, a comrade in the trenches of parenthood who will always have their back. Is there a better way to seek out like-minded parents than flashing your stash of Lil Helpers?

If there is, we haven’t found it.

6. No Diaper Daisy Chains

No one enjoys fuzz-filled tabs and the subsequent tedious task of plucking said fuzz-filled tabs with tweezers.

Not to mention (ok, I will) the ripping apart the inter-hooked and looped dipes, which rips apart other items and eventually the tabs themselves.

All snaps and ZERO “hook and loop” just makes sense

5. Avoid Unwanted Social Situations

I’m sorry, I would love to attend the Exotic Bird Calling Convention, but I really have to stay home and wash diapers this weekend, but please do take notes on how to caw like a cockatoo for me. 

See? Problem solved, Lil Helpers rescue your weekend and the good news is washing and drying your diapers is quick and painless — unlike a weekend of warbling.

As a side-note, did you know the Cockatoo makes a hissing sound when threatened? You see, being a Lil Helper fan means you learn something new every day.

Maybe that should be #11.

4. One Size fits Most- 7-35 lbs.

one size cloth diaper, ideal for use during a baby's diaper rash or treatment of diaper rash
Yes, sigh, there’s a typo. Just testing you. See how accommodating we are?

Need I Say More?

These diapers will take most kids from scrunchy little newborns to opinionated threenagers (a 3 year-old who acts like a teenager, for those of you who haven’t got there yet).

You will never have to remind your partner which diaper size your babe is in (because they repeatedly buy the wrong size) or worry about using up the current size before they outgrow them. Just snap and unsnap until the fit is right.

And that is it, easy as can be!

3. No Bulky Bottoms

Everyone assumes cloth diapers equals chunky bums and odd-fitting clothing. With Lil Helpers, there is no junk in your lil one’s trunks.

So even if you do choose to cover up that dazzling dipe, (and you don’t have to, see #9!) clothes still fit like a dream.

2. Ice Breaker for Those Not in the Know

Awkward silence in playgroup? Whip out that Lil Helper on-the-go stash and give them a quick demo.

Guaranteed conversation starter. Every time.

1. The Baby Do Good Program

The absolute best reason to purchase Lil Helpers is their dedication to giving back through the Baby Do Good Program: donating 1 brand new diaper for every 3 purchased, to a family in need.

Baby Do Good

According to a study commissioned by Huggies (Every Little Bottom in 2010) 1 in 3 mothers in the USA and 1 in 5 mothers in Canada sacrifice basic needs like food and bill payment to buy diapers for their young children, with some mothers choosing to re use their disposables after attempting to clean or dry them. This often leads to rashes or discomfort for baby.

By donating diapers Lil Helper’s hope is to to ease parents’ stress and struggle, one clean baby bottom at a time.

Read some testimonials about the Baby Do Good program here.

Need more convincing? Check out our testimonials!

— Jennifer


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

  1. #11 The great customer service!! I was SO amazed at the personable, family feel this company has.Great diapers, great customer service, Lilhelper has the whole package!

  2. My reason #11, makes diaper shopping superfun! No one gets excited to go down to the big box to buy a big box. It’s very exciting to log on in my jammies, buy some super fun dipes and get a prize in the mail box a couple days later!

  3. #11) Unlike other cloth diapers where you have to read an instruction manual to figure out how to use them, Lil Helper cloth diapers are so easy to use even my guy can figure them out! In addition the entertaining yet educational instructional videos that Mohammed stars in, shows all the tips and tricks of these versatile diapers.

  4. #11 well….I love my Lil helper cloth diapers. They are cute, work great (no thigh gap hurrah) and they really are one size. I know you said that already but it is true. They fit my little guy till he was out of diapers at 2 and a half and 37lbs. They fit awesome on my little girl who is getting bigger 26lbs now. They worked great for my first and they are still going strong for this one. If any more of my “other” diapers die (quite a few have in the past few months bye bye elastic hello leaky diaper) I may need to acquire some more Lil helpers ( addiction maybe 🙂 ) Thanks.

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