Introducing: Lil Helpers Cloth Diapers DAY PACK!

There are a million decisions you need to make before the baby gets here.

You need to select the color scheme of the nursery.

Install the car seat.

Think of a cutesy middle name. Apple? Hipster? Laker?

Find a suitable pre-school, school, college, etc. for your child. Everything needs to be walking distance, obviously.


And now you even have to decide how many and what kind of cloth diapers to get?

Although we cannot decide what your baby’s middle name should be (I’d go with Lil Helper- why not?), we can definitely make your life simpler by offering our Lil Helper Day Pack.

It has all the diapers, inserts & wipes you might need for 1 full-day of cloth diapering.

If you are not into doing laundry everyday, we would recommend getting atleast 2 and preferably 3 packs.

So if you plan on washing your diapers every 2 days then you need 2 Day Packs.

You should ideally start with 2 day packs and if you think you need more diapers then we recommend you get an additional pack.

Each pack comes with an assortment of charcoal and bamboo diapers in a mix of gender neutral colors and prints.

You will receive 6 diapers that already come with inserts, 6 additional inserts, cotton wipes and flushable and re-usable liners.

If you were to purchase each of these items individually, the total would be $243.29 but our special Day Pack is only $199.95, which is a total savings of $44 (18% discount).

Charcoal Diaper (Solid) 2 24.95 49.90 day-pack.jpg
Charcoal Diaper (Printed) 1 27.95 27.95
Bamboo Diaper (Solid) 2 21.95 43.90
Bamboo Diaper (Printed) 1 24.95 24.95
Charcoal Insert Set 3 12.95 38.85
Bamboo Insert Set 3 9.95 29.85
Cotton Wipes (6 pcs) 1 11.95 11.95
Flushable Liners (100 pcs) 1 9.95 9.95
Bamboo Stay Dry Liners (5 pcs) 1 5.99 5.99
Total 243.29

All of this comes with the our legendary customer support where emails are answered within minutes and you always have the option to call in with questions.

Cloth diapering, like any new thing you try, has a learning curve but our diapers are designed to be intuitive mixed with our over-zealous customer service, you will never be in want of answers.

Think we are kidding? Here’s the cell number of Lil Helper’s CEO, Mohammed, 647-885-4642. Ask him why you should get his diapers. Don’t worry about the time- just call. Now try that with any other company.

Shipping in US & Canada: FREE

International Shipping (Anywhere in the world): $25

Name this blanket #2 (and win 20% off your next purchase)

What started out as a quick survey on our Facebook Fan Page turned out to be a fantastic discussion topic. We loved the ideas and loved even more having you come up with the names.

So here’s our next blanket:DandyLions

Your Mission

I was calling it brown lions through the production process. We will give the winner a 20% off coupon for use at

Head over to our FB page with your suggestions and let us know in the comments what you’re thinking.

Your Prize

We will give the winner a 20% off coupon for use at

Winners List

Blanket 1: It takes a village — named by Jenessa B.

Blanket 2: Dandy Lions — named by Tammy Jean

Name this blanket and win 20% off your next purchase

Your Mission

Please help us pick an interesting name for our receiving blanket.TakesAVillage

The best name I can come up with is Green Houses 🙁

I am sure you guys can do better than that.

Your Prize

We will give the winner a 20% off coupon for use at

Head over to our Facebook Page and leave us your suggestion in the comments!

**NOTE: This blanket has now been named by Jenessa Balmer: It takes a village.

But don’t worry, we have another Name This Blanket contest running right now.

Lilhelper new products, colors, and styles for Spring 2013

Waterproof Cotton Change Mats

Announcing‘s new products, colors, and styles for Spring 2013! We at are pleased to announce that we are introducing several new products, colors, fabric patterns and cloth diaper styles. In an effort to reflect spring in all its glory, we’re adding new colors and prints to our cloth diaper line.

And what’s more: a new style of cloth diaper has been added to our product line.

So who doesn’t love spring?

That’s rhetorical. Everyone loves Spring. New flowers, blossoms, warmth and (drumroll please)

A list of the additions to‘s cloth diaper line:

6 new colors
4 new prints
1 new style of diaper – low cost and lite

But is about more than diapers. We are pleased to be adding several new products to help you (and your baby): blankets, swaddlers, waterproof change pads.

New Products from

11 new designs of flannel receiving blankets/ swaddlers (41″ x 41″)
7 new designs of low cost change pads/mats
5 new design styles of crib mats

Follow us on FB for updates. We’ll be posting photos of our new products and prints as they come in!