What about Diaper Services?

From our mailbag this weekend:

We receive a lot of “why should we use Lil Helper cloth diapers rather than a diaper service?” emails and sometimes they’re just “what can you tell us about diapering services and how can we use Lil Helper to complement the service?”. So today, we decided to shed a lil light on why you should consider Lil Helpers rather than (or even as a complement to, if you really MUST) a diapering service.

See below, from yesterday:

> February 17, 2014 10:15 AM
> Hi there,
> We’re expecting our first child in a little under two weeks, and I’m
> doing a little research on diapers. We plan to use disposables for the
> first couple of weeks until we get into the swing of things, but would
> like to switch to cloth diapers.
> I was looking into diaper services like *******
> < LINK REMOVED > or ######### < LINK REMOVED>, which
> takes care of the delivery/pickup/cleaning of soiled nappies, but does
> not include diaper covers.
> I wondered if Lil Helper diapers are compatible with such diaper
> delivery services? Or is it best to use Lil Helper inserts with Lil
> Helper diapers?
> Thanks,
> S_________

Reply from Mohammed, Chief of Everything Officer

Congratulations on the impending arrival of your bundle of joy!

If you are using a diaper service, I would best recommend our Lite Diaper covers. These are envelope style covers and you can insert a prefold in them; similar to what is provided by diaper services.

Lite Diaper Pack

If you are inclined to using our other premium AI2 covers, you are best advised to use with our own inserts as they will give you the best use for our system. We have snaps on the inside of our covers that attach to inserts making the process of diaper changing a breeze and also prevents the insert from moving when the baby starts wriggling around.

Apart from this I have a few other objections with cloth diaper services that you may or may not be aware of.

1) The diapers provided by diaper services are not All in Ones or AI2, which means that you will have to put on a cotton diaper first and then make the baby wear a waterproof cover on top of it to prevent leaking.

All our diapers are self-contained and waterproof and you will not need an additional cover.

2) You have to store dirty diapers for at least a week before the diaper company picks up your diapers.

3) You will never receive the same diapers again. Basically the diaper company puts all the diapers in washing together and you will get different diapers each time the “fresh” diapers are delivered.

4) If you are in Ontario, you will be charged 13% HST on all transactions with a diaper service. WHen you buy your cloth diapers, you are only charged 5% GST. This difference of 8% will add-up to a big number very quickly.

5) In order to clean a large quantity of diapers thoroughly and efficiently, most (all) diaper service use bleach to clean the diapers.

Bleach is a very strong chemical and not great against the baby’s skin. Since, they use bleach, they only offer white diapers as all other colours would be discolored with bleach.

Now, I am assuming that you do not want to wash the cloth diapers at home that is why you are thinking about using a cloth diaper service.

But washing cloth diapers ain’t that bad.

Urine, baby or adult, is sterile, unless there is a UTI or any other bacterial infection. You can easily wash the pee diapers like you would wash your underwear- its no more difficult than that. For poo diapers, we have recently launched our bamboo stay-dry liners that when used with the diaper makes cleaning the poo easy as 1-2-3. There is no scrubbing or scraping involved. And you store the dirty diapers in a pail until you are ready to wash them. You put the diapers in the washer, put a tiny bit of detergent (with no bleach or fabric softener) and wash it with warm water. After the wash you do a cold rinse. And then put the stash in the dryer on medium heat. DONE.

Also, attached is our diaper washing infographic which explains very simply how to wash and dry your cloth diapers.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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