Lil Helper Cloth Diapers in Malawi

A proud mom in Malawi holding Lil Helper cloth diapers in her hands and smiling. She is wearing a red dress and standing on a dirt road. There is a brick wall behind her, trees behind the brick wall and a clear blue sky beyond the trees. Cloth diapers malawi.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers in Malawi

One of the projects we are most proud of at Lil Helper is the Baby Do Good program – for every three cloth diapers that Lil Helper sells, we donate one diaper to a family in need.

We are always deeply humbled to be able to ease the burden on a family dealing with diaper need. But, every now and then we come across a great opportunity to make a huge difference. Making a difference means so much to us at Lil Helper. It reminds us that this is why we do what we do! The Baby Do Good program was recently able to work with an amazing project. We were given the opportunity to partner with Venue Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Venue Church members Jenny and Dan Strilzuk took 30 lbs of Lil Helper diapers to Monkey Bay in Malawi, Africa!

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God Forbid Guarantee by Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

The Lil Helper God Forbid Guarantee - God Forbid, if something unexpected were to happen during your pregnancy or birthing, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers will refund your entire purchase The conversation that sparked the need for God Forbid Guarantee

The following is an exchange that took place between a Lil Helper cloth diaper customer and me, let’s call her K., in February 2015.

K. is a loyal Lil Helper customer and I distinctly remember packing her orders and communicating with her on a number of occasions.

I came across K’s post when she was trying to sell her Lil Helper cloth diapers on a Lil Helper Buy/Sell/Trade forum on Facebook.

Here are screenshots of that exchange:

lil helper cloth diapers God_Forbid_Guarantee_Lil_Helper_Cloth_Diapers_2God_Forbid_Guarantee_Lil_Helper_Cloth_Diapers_3

What kind of a company do we want Lil Helper to be?

When I had this conversation with K., I had no intention of posting it anywhere. But the thought kept bugging me for weeks that there might be other customers of ours who are probably in the same unfortunate position as K.

And since we didn’t have an explicit policy in place wherein customers can get in touch with us in the case of a tragedy, we might be inadvertently causing already grieving parents to relive their loss by selling their diapers.

Even my wife and I had lost a child early on in our pregnancy so I know the pain to a certain extent and wouldn’t wish it upon anybody.

Doubts on Reddit about Lil Helper Cloth Diapers…

A couple of weeks after the above took place, we started posting on Reddit to introduce Lil Helper to new customers.

A prospective customer commented that she had doubts about our diapers and company. In order to explain to her why Lil Helper was different, I uploaded the above screenshots to Imgur.

As an aside: I had made my account on Reddit weeks before posting for the first time and had just made an account on Imgur to post the screenshots there. I had no idea how either of the places worked.

Here’s the exchange on Reddit:

lil helper cloth diapers Reddit Conversation

Why we posted the conversation with K. publicly

The purpose of posting the screenshots was to give a recent example of how we treat our customers. The screenshots were only meant for the Mama and nobody else. I named the image gallery God Forbid Guarantee as I couldn’t think of a better way to address such a sensitive topic before prefacing it with god forbid.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers going viral

Little did I know that the screenshots would be voted on to the front page of Imgur, and it eventually garnered more than 550K views and spread across the Internet. We were learning what it means to go viral.

How Lil Helper operates when nobody is watching

Now, this isn’t the first time that we have gone out of our way to treat a customer right.

Nader, the mad-scientist-half of Lil Helper, drove in the Canadian winter for 2 hours, one-way, to deliver a $90 order to a customer because her original order was at the Post Office and she had an early morning flight.

I have delivered cloth diapers at 1 am because a customer had a newborn baby with a diaper rash as bad as second-degree burns and the whole family hadn’t slept in days. I could hear the baby wailing as the mom inquired if our charcoal diapers would help her baby. Based on my experience and feedback from customers, I knew for a fact that our charcoal diapers would help the baby sleep and allow the stressed mother to relax, so I went and delivered the diapers in the middle of the night.

As you might already know, each and every order, no matter how small or big leaves our premises with a hand-written thank you card from yours truly as a means of showing that we truly appreciate the business that good folks like you give us and not for a moment do we take it for granted.

Everybody who works for Lil Helper would have done exactly the same thing or more had they been in my place. Yes, but this was the first time more than 2 people knew of our ethos as a company, something that we’ve had from the start.

Update on K.

The good news is that K., our loyal Lil Helper mama, was blessed with a beautiful baby boy soon after the post went viral. And when she ordered more diapers from us, I had the pleasure of telling her that her money was no good at Lil Helper. She was as touched by our small gesture as much we were by her courage to allow us to share her story and help other families who might, god forbid, find themselves in a similar situation.

All’s well that ends well.

Share your thoughts

If you have anything to say about this policy or ways in which we can improve how we run Lil Helper Cloth Diapers, I would love to know your thoughts.

You can leave a comment here, email me directly at or call me on my cell at 647 885 4642.

If you are in the US and would like to try our diapers, you can go here:

If you are in CANADA, please go here:

The Baby Do Good Program Gave a Cluck

We were so pleased to have participated in Pregnant Chicken’s Give a Cluck fundraising auction this year whose proceeds were directed to the Young Parents No Fixed Address network.

In addition to donating items to this auction, we at donated 50 cloth diapers with inserts, as well as 50 additional inserts to the Young Parents No Fixed Address network.

Young Parents No Fixed Address (YPNFA) is a network of about 30 Toronto agencies and organizations dedicated, for the past 15 years, to building strong community partnerships to address the challenges faced by young homeless/street involved, pregnant and parenting youth & their children.  Their Target Group is focused on pregnant and parenting youth under the age of 25 and their children.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Pregnant Chicken for including us in her Give a Cluck auction and introducing us to this hard-working organization, Young Parents No Fixed Address.

And thank you, most of all, to all of our customers who have contributed to our Baby Do Good program. For every three diapers purchased, one is donated to a family in need.

Thank you! We wish you all the best for the coming year.

Mohammed and Nader

More information about YPNFA, and its success stories, can be found here:

About Young Parents No Fixed Address

YPNFA Success Stories


A Mother’s Thank You Note to Lil Helper

By Sam

My daughter Emmalee was 10 months old when I started cloth diapering.  As we were a family of 6, living on an income of less than $25K, I had to purchase the least expensive diapers I could find. I didn’t start cloth diapering until then because I had to wait until we received our tax refund in order to have the money for such a large, one-time expense.

In short: I was using diapers which were made of synthetic materials.

The Problem

By 14 months, Emmelee reacted badly to all the diapers I tried, developing a red, “warm” rash anywhere the diaper touched her.   I had stripped the diapers using Dawn, RLR, and spent one day using only water.  I tried washing in several different brands of detergent, including “CD safe” detergents.  I tried several CD safe rash creams, but she reacted to three well-known brands of cream.  One brand of CD safe rash cream and Coconut oil were the only ones that helped, but once she was back in those synthetic diapers, the rash reappeared.

Just to give you some history: when Em was born, she showed signs of severe GERD, which many of you may simply know as acid reflux.  She was hospitalized, but later, she continued to have choking episodes.

Finally, we received another diagnosis of MSPI, which is a milk/soy protein intolerance.  Fortunately, with the help of Nexium, a prescription for her GERD and Neocate, an expensive prescription formula for her MSPI, she was relieved of her symptoms.  Knowing she had these sensitivities, I wasn’t surprised when Em had a reaction to the synthetic fibers in her diapers.

I spoke with several cloth diaper experts who all suggested charcoal diapers.  The rash appeared only when she wore cloth diapers, not disposables.  After seeing a blogger recommend Lil Helper on her Facebook page, I checked them out.  I decided their bamboo diapers would work the best for me, but even at less than $25 each, they were way out of my price range. We live in such a small area that there are no programs available to us that could provide cloth (or even disposable) diapers.

The Solution

I contacted Mohammed at Lil Helper hoping he could at least provide me with some suggestions.  What he told me was more than I could have ever hoped.  Not only did he send me 4 charcoal diapers for only the cost of shipping, but he also gave me some names of companies I could contact for more aid.    To my surprise, when I got the package, there were also 2 of the organic bamboo diapers.

I want to thank Mohammed, and most of all the customers of Lil Helper diapers.  Because of your purchases, I was able to get a few diapers that work for my daughter.  She is now 18 months old, and no longer has rash issues.  Both the charcoal bamboo and organic bamboo work for her.   I have tried the synthetic diapers again, just to see, and she breaks out in a rash within a day.   I love using cloth on my daughter, and didn’t really want to switch to disposables because of the benefits cloth should have on my daughter.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  From the bottom of my heart, thank-you for your help.  Without this help, I would have to be using disposable diapers, and have the ongoing expense of the disposables as well.

Giving Back: Baby Do Good (The Sequel)

I love the motto of paying it forward.  I have a friend who is expecting, and she is also on a very limited income.  When Em is out of diapers, I am going to pay it forward by giving them to her.  I really believe that when someone does something good for you, then you should do something good for someone else.  And I love the feeling I get when I help someone.