An Ode to Lil Helper (a special cloth diaper review)

We at Lil Helper love getting cloth diaper reviews – every single one of them (yes, even the not-so-great ones). Once in awhile, someone leaves us an extra special review. This is one of those reviews…

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When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

I know I can sleep with ease, 

because the diapers never leak, 

even when they sneeze. 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

I can keep her outfit cute, 

cus even though she waits for hours, 

I know it holds all the “poo’t”, 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

my baby rides with style, 

the bamboo and the charcoal, 

really go the extra mile, 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

I know I can feed with ease, 

for these diapers hold the baby poo, 

even after eating peas, 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

I’m helping out a friend, 

because they donate a diaper, 

When a purchase I do send, 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

it really makes me smile, 

the money that I save, 

really adds up in a pile, 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

my heart is put at ease, 

awesome customer service? 

YES, please! 

When I use Lil’ Helpers, 

and my friends ask me why? 

I have so many answers, 

and I answer with a sigh, 

Lil’ Helpers are so nice, 

it’s not as hard as it seems, 

it really is worth the price, 

my smile really beams, 

Go buy Lil’ Helpers, 

you will have no regrets, 

you’ll love them so much, 

you’ll probably want several sets. 🙂 



From all of us at Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

One thought on “An Ode to Lil Helper (a special cloth diaper review)

  1. Best cloth diapers hands down!
    I am a new time mom and new with cloth diapers, unsure of which ones to pick I did a lot of research and came across lil helpers. I now have a batch of lil helpers and love them not only are they easy to use and clean and have great patterns but the customer service is great. They are always there to answer your questions about cloth diapers. They also gave me some free items with my first purchase and a cute book for my son! They’re such great diapers that I’m in the middle of making a new order for more! I hardly had to convince my husband in agreeing to buy more cause he thinks they’re great too!!
    Thanks for making cute and easy to use cloth diapers that DO THE JOB!!


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