Strategies for weaning after one

Strategies for weaning after one

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Hey Y’all, it’s Erin

Previously we talked about Breastfeeding after one and the truths about it.

We all know things must come to an end, whether you’re full of guilt or running towards the finish line with excitement. 

So what happens when it’s time to wean your child after one?

This post offers support in dealing with everything from simply weaning your child, to handling out right refusal to quit!Read More

Understanding your dogs behavior to keep your babies safe

Understanding your dogs behavior to keep your babies safe

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Hey yall! It’s Jess again. 

Last time I would say in my first post of the fur baby series I talked to you about keeping the peace between your fur babies and your human babies

In this second post, I want to talk to you not about what aggravates your pup but instead, identifying behaviors so you know when your fur baby is starting to lose their cool and we are able to keep our babies safe.

Even if you have had your fur babies for longer than you have had your human ones, you may still not recognize the behaviors of an upset dog. Your dog is more likely to get upset with your child because they are unpredictable and they don’t know them well yet. They don’t know what to expect. 

Let’s get to it. Read More

Painting with your kids

Painting with your kids

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Hey y’all, it’s Erin.

We all have those days where we’re looking for things to do with our kids whether it’s supporting their development or just having fun.

I’m going to talk about one of my family’s favorites– painting!

Before we get into the ways you can paint, I’d like to share why it’s important:

  1. Painting is an excellent fine motor activity. Building your child’s fine motor skills will help them learn to use utensils, with handwriting, and so many other things they will do with their hands. 
  2. It also helps build hand eye coordination. 
  3. As an added bonus, painting is a fantastic way for kiddo to express themselves. 
  4. It builds their imagination while they’re using a creative outlet.
  5. These moments will lead to great opportunities to build on their vocabulary. For example, you can talk about colors, tools, and sensory input your child is receiving.  
  6. At the top of the list, painting is fun! You can bond with your child, all while supporting their development.

Now onto the fun stuff!

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