5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cloth Diapering

5 things I wish I knew before cloth diapering

Original post written by Cherie Mercer and shared on Mommie Miracles

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cloth Diapering

  1. They aren’t as gross as you think they are.

I know what you’re thinking if you don’t cloth diaper… ew who wants to deal with the poop and wash them?!

To be honest that wasn’t my big issue. I just didn’t like the idea of my kids smelling faintly of pee that never goes away. I didn’t like the idea of stains, and yes their can be staining, on something I’m putting on my kids bum.

If you start when your baby is exclusively breastfed you can just wash the whole diaper, you don’t even need to rinse it! But even when your baby gets older if you get in a good routine of rinsing right away its no worse than cleaning your baby’s bum with a disposable. I promise you whether you cloth diaper or use disposable you WILL get poo on you, sorry but that’s part of what you signed up for when you became a parent.

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Can you Wash Cloth Diapers with Natural Detergents?

wash cloth diapers with natural detergents

Most people are turned off from cloth diapers thinking they have to wash them with specifically formulated detergents.

Through years of feedback/ trials & errors, we have found that commercially availabel detergents like Tide original work best to clean cloth diapers. In fact, we recommend Tide because of its super powers to remove the “ickies” (aka human waste aka POOP) from your Lil Helper cloth diapers.

That being said, we are often asked if Lil Helpers can be washed with more natural detergents. To this, we say – YES! You can absolutely wash cloth diapers with natural detergents.

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