Miscarriage & Doctor Google

miscarriage and dr google

Image: Title, Miscarriage and Doctor Google. Woman’s hands typing on a keyboard.

Content warning: The title of this article is “Miscarriage and Doctor Google”, it contains subject matter surrounding miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and infant loss.

Joining the Lil Helper Family

In 2014, before I started working for Lil Helper, I was just your average customer and soon-to-be-first-time mother. I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and avidly searching for eco-friendly baby products when I joined the Lil Helper family. It was when I picked up my first Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diaper at a baby store in Ontario, Canada. I was drawn to the unique prints and playful packaging but what sold me was that they seemed easy to use compared to other cloth diaper options. When I read they were “Designed by Rocket Scientists” I knew they would become my favourite. These were my kind of people, my kind of cloth diapers and my kind of family.

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When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope – a woman’s wish to conceive

when a cloth diaper means hope

When a Cloth Diaper Means Hope

Every culture has traditional symbols of hope. In Native American culture, it is the arrival of a yellow butterfly. The swallow is a symbol of hope in Aesop’s Fables and other literature. The Maori people have the spiral shaped Koru, often carved out of jade and worn on a necklace. For one of our customers, their symbol of hope is a bright yellow Lil Helper Charcoal Cloth Diaper.

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The Parenting Olympics – Why would you win gold?

In August 2016, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In between diaper changes and Peppa Pig marathons, we managed to watch snippets of the games. At the end of the day, we climbed into bed and dreamt of hurdles made out of cribs, canoeing in a bathtub full of rubber ducky’s and mountain biking over a pile of laundry. Which got us thinking… if the Parenting Olympics existed, what would they look like?


Blog Header for the Parenting Olympics Contest


So, of course, we had a contest!

The question – “If the Parenting Olympics existed, in which event would you win gold?”!

The prize – a gold Lil Helper Charcoal Diaper (well, we actually call it Mango) and by random draw, the prize went to Fleur Fouchard in Saskatchewan, Canada!

We got so many incredible answers; we had to share them on our blog. Here are some of the best entries we received in our “Parenting Olympics Contest”

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