It’s High Time That High Rise Diaper is Explained

Picture of two LilHelper diapers, one is a bigger pink diaper with mermaids on it and the other is smaller and bright blue. The image is titled "It's high time that high rise is explained" with the LilHelper logo

Hey Y’all! It’s Erin. I want to talk about Lil Helper’s new high rise diaper.

New product releases can be a slightly confusing time.

Whether you’re brand new to the wonderful world of Lil Helper products or you’ve been enjoying them for quite awhile, I’ve got something to share with you!

Lil Helper gave us new cloth diapers with a higher rise. WOO for high rise diaper!

gif of a little girl in a yellow jacket holding blue cotton candy being very excited

Now, I know it can be sorta confusing for you to know what that means compared to the “old style.”

I’m here to help!

The new rise added an inch to the rise of the diaper shell.

“What’s the benefit of a high rise diaper?” you might be asking yourself.

Well for me and my chunky thighed girl… it’s given us a better fit!  picture of 3 employees behind a desk saying "much better" with smiles

It also has eliminated that “plumber’s crack” that she used to get in the back with the shorter rise diapers.

Picture of a baby with a diaper that isn't fitting well. The yellow diaper is coming down and giving a "plumber's crack."
Here’s Adalind demonstrating a “plumber’s crack!”

In this video there’s a helpful tip given about leaving the front inserts unsnapped that really helped with getting rid of a plumber’s crack and get a better fit.

You might be wondering how you can tell the difference between the ‘old style’ and ‘new style’ diapers.

Lil Helper released the high rise diaper before they released the newest prints.

The tags and snaps look different on the newest diapers. image of blue diaper with solid blue snaps and a pink diaper with pink snaps that have a bird on them

The little birdie logo is on the snaps for the newest diapers.

If you see those snaps, no need to go any further in your investigation because you know that you have a high rise diaper!

Now… if you don’t see the new tag or cute snaps, how can you tell?

As previously mentioned, there is about an inch difference in the diaper shell of the high rise diaper!

So…are the old style diapers no good?

gif of will smith in a pink hat looking concerned

Absolutely not!

Most of my stash is full of the ‘old style’ rise, and actually, some are the oldest styles that Lil Helper made.

The signature snap and insert system for Lil Helper diapers remains the same in both styles. Both are still fabulous poop catchers, just slightly different in size.

This post really helps demonstrate how well Lil Helper diapers last over time. The environmental benefits and financial benefits to buying used Lil Helper diapers in the older style shouldn’t be ignored!

image of two pink Lil Helper diapers

Whether you’re buying used or getting some super cute new prints, Lil Helper cloth diapers are AMAZING! If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying either style, now would be the perfect time to try a trial diaper!

gif of a pink starfish smiling and saying "todays the day"

Have you tried the new high rise diaper?
What’s your favorite new print?

4 thoughts on “It’s High Time That High Rise Diaper is Explained

  1. I have a really big girl (25 lbs at just 10 months) and the high rise gives us a much better fit. Most of my stash was purchased before these came out so we have a lot of the older rise and use them all the time. That being said, for my friends that have smaller kids I would almost recommend they find good condition second hand diapers as there is extra bulk because of that extra inch, especially if your not using it

    1. Katrina, that’s a great idea! I liked some of the ‘smaller’ sized older diapers when my Little One was smaller for this reason. It’s all about finding a good fit with diapers and any tips or tricks out there are fantastic to share!! Thank you for that tip!!

  2. I just ordered a few new diapers and noticed they seemed a bit different. The small insert is a bit stretched when snapped to an new bigger insert. I thought maybe my older diapers had shrunk or something. Thanks for the explanation.

    1. New releases can be totally confusing! I’m so glad that this helped clear up the confusion for you!!!

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