How to Cloth Diaper in Public (AKA “The Wild”)

how to cloth diaper in public aka the wild blog header - shows a mom holding her cloth diaper wearing baby in a public restroom, ready to change the baby's diaper

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Cloth diapering sounds so positive all around!

Saves money. Better for the environment. No weird chemical rashes. Adorable looking…. It all sounds so good, but then there’s the whole part where you don’t throw the diapers in the trash. Just picturing the logistics of trying to cloth diaper in public can be draining.

I mean, packing for one. You would need a ridiculous bag to carry all those inserts and covers and wipes and special gadget tools that *I imagine* go into cloth diapering.

Once you are finally out, it must take forever to change a cloth diaper in public. And then, what do you do with a dirty diaper until you get home?? Just put it in your bag and hope poop doesn’t touch anything?!

Oh god, am I supposed to dunk a diaper in a public toilet???

And ohhhhh the work it must be to take care of the aftermath from a day out once you are home. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

it can be overwhelming preparing to cloth diaper in public - this gif shows a woman with a mug that says "help me" but she's smiling ironically

Does this train of thought sound familiar?

I know that cloth diapering in public AKA “The Wild” can sound overwhelming.

But, I promise you, with the right tools it is not only doable but stress-free!

Don’t believe me? Just watch:

Do you feel prepared to cloth diaper in public? Comment below with any questions! 

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98 thoughts on “How to Cloth Diaper in Public (AKA “The Wild”)

  1. Yes! I cloth diaper 24/7 and never looked bacl 🙂
    I still get questioned with my decision to.clotj diaper but I have no regrets as I know its best for my baby, enviroent, and my pocket. Thanks lil helper for making cloth diapering easy family!

  2. My first child is due this month and I am stocked up on LilHelpers diapers. So far have been very impressed by the quality and customer service so am ready to put them to the test!

  3. i change in public all the time. when she was a baby i use the stroller, now she stand and i change. it’s a problem in winter, then i change indoors.

  4. I love my lilhelper diapers. One of the things that almost kept me from cloth diapering was the fear of changing in public. But it’s actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I am so glad I made the change to cloth!

  5. The hardest part for me is knowing how many diapers amd inserts to bring for a day out. I now pack as many as I can fit in one wetbag, bring a second one for dirty diapers and use disposable liners so cleaning up a #2 is a little less… messy!

  6. I’m a pretty confident cloth diapering Mama but I’m always up for some new tips and tricks. I do fly a lot with my son and I do try everything to avoid changing his bum on planes! I haven’t mastered those tiny lavatories!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your overnight inserts, my baby goes through the normal ones so fast, but the overnight inserts last! They are wonderful! I just wish you sold them in packs rather than individually, I’d snatch them so quick!

  8. I haven’t yet started cloth diapering . I am just starting my stash until my first bundle of love arrives . My question is , can you really cloth diaper when your outside of your home ? I know there are wet bags but what about the poop ?

  9. I think my best advice for cloth diapering in public is just to plan times to change. When we were cloth diapering twins I just set an alarm on my phone and made sure they were changed every 2 hours. It kept leaks at bay and less need to bring so many extra changes of clothes, but I hadn’t found lil helper diapers before that. I probably would have had an easier time if we were using lil helper then.

  10. My tip for travelling with cloth diapers is to make sure you always pack an extra diaper and set of lil’helper inserts. You can use them for anything! Oops forgot a burp cloth – insert! Oh no I spilled something – insert! Cloth diapering away from home is not that scary when you have lil’helper items. We always travel with our charcoal mat, diapers, and travel wetbag ! 🙂

  11. The wild doesn’t bother me. I had good cloth diapering mentors. 🙂 I’m sure there is always more I can learn.

  12. These could not be easier to use. I definitely had some concerns about the level of work required to do cloth diapering but we’re 4 months in and I reccomend LilHelper Diapers to all my friends who are thinking about going with cloth.
    Doesn’t hurt that the customer service is excellent or that their product writing is cheeky and hilarious.

  13. Carolina’s blog was extremely helpful and I am definitely hoping to use cloth diapers in the future! Any more vlogs would be very helpful!

  14. When we are hiking I strap the cloth diaper cover to my backpack to dry and reuse at the next diaper change!
    No gross disposable diapers to hike out.

  15. Yes! We’ve been using cloth for more than two years now, public included.

    Funny story– when my daughter was 3 months old, we took a family weekend trip. Packing all our cloth seemed overwhelming, and I was worried we would run out of diapers, so I bought some disposables. Worst mistake ever! We ended up running out of outfits for her because she kept blowing out of the disposables. Lesson learned! Cloth all the way!

  16. My daughter is 5 months old and has had only cloth diapers on her bum. It’s not difficult at all. Even with my oldest 2 (disposable diapered) I was the kind of mom that took the diapers with me to throw away at home. I love our cloth diapers, I love not having to buy more all the time, just to toss them in the trash. They’re easier to clean than I would have thought, before we introduced solids we just tossed them in the washer as is. I never worry or think twice about cloth diapering “in the wild”.

  17. Im new to Clothe Diapers, Id really love to give Them a try with My BabyGirl! Whats a good way to prevent fading of colors when it comes time for washing?

    1. As long as you follow our washing instructions and don’t leave diapers to hang in the sun for too long print side up, they should not fade at all! Please let us know if you have any other questions. Feel free to contact us at delight at
      – Kate from Lil Helper

  18. Very cute video. I laughed pretty hard at the “Save me” part and the sad music. I’ve never seen a bathroom with an area for kids to play in. What a genius idea!

  19. I find with a wet bag, changing my baby “in the wild” is no big deal! Since I use biodegrade wipes and liners I also bring little biodegrable bags (they’re actually made for picking up dog doo ), and then if there is no garbage can nearby I pop them in there until I get home. It’s a snap!

    1. Cloth diapering while travelling is a blog post we have been working on for awhile so keep your eyes peeled for it! But to answer your question – just bring a few extra small wetbags and a large wetbag! Wash every night or two as normal. If you’re short on time, you can tumble dry your diapers on low. Just make sure to pull out the covers after 30 minutes as they dry quicker than inserts! Hope this helps 🙂

  20. I bought a day pack and my son is four weeks old, but I’m kind of intimidated by using and cleaning the diapers. I have hard water, so I’m really confused on what to do with the diapers.

  21. Cloth diapering in public is not that much different than being at home! Just make sure you have a small zipper wet bag!

  22. I am confident cloth diapering in public! Wet bags are key for poopy diapers. Just put the plopables in the toilet and the rest in the wet bag! Voila!

  23. I think that the most important thing is always having a great quality wet bag with you when out and about. I prefer a wet bag that has a snap, so that I can attach to the diaper bag when it is full. I also like to have a mini wet bag for cloth wipes and a spray bottle for cleaning baby’s bottom. If you can afford an extra wet bag to keep an extra inside the diaper bag, in case of forgetfulness. That’s great too.

  24. I think cloth dispersing in public is just about the same as using disposables in public besides throwing as a the diaper I put it in a small wet bag and out it back in the diaper bag. When I get home I take them out of the wet bag and put them with the rest of the dirty ones!

  25. That video was very informative! I’m going to be a new mom in a few months and plan to cloth diaper exclusively, and I’ve been wondering about doing this process “in the wild”. I’m grateful for any tips and tricks to make this easier, thanks so much! I’m going to pin this link so I’ll have the information down the road…

    If anyone is considering using Lil Helper Diapers, do it! I haven’t even started using them but can see how easy they are to use in day to day life. They’ve created these diapers to be affordable, effective, and easy to use – and the company does a great job taking care of its customers. My husband and I are very excited to use them in a few months!

  26. I cloth at home but have never braved the wild! This is such a great video blog and I feel reassured that I too can cloth in public! 🙂

  27. I absolutely LooooOove cloth diapering and my love my lil helper diapers !! Easy for anyone to use and amazing !! I love the overnight charcoal insert for nighttime! Haven’t had a chance yet to own a wet bag from you guys can’t wait!! Seriously would be a blessing if I won this giveaway !

  28. Ugh didn’t read the exact question sorry!! Lots diapering is pretty simple and safer and I don’t mind doing it in public you just gotta make sure you have your cloth wipes handy I put mine in a zippered pouch that came with my diaper backpack but you can also use a cosmetic bag or pencil pouch obviously new not used. You must must must have a wet bag for those soiled diapers when you are on the go!! Other than that you are good to go!! It’s the best thing for your baby .!

    1. Hi Preeti! you can bring two small wetbags with you if this is a concern. However, most parents will pack clean cloth diapers into their diaper bags directly, not into a wetbag. Does this answer your question?

    2. I use flushable, biodegradable liners in the diapers, so I just pop the dirty liner into the garbage can. Or if there isn’t a garbage can, I also bring small ,biodegradable dog-poo bags and put the liner in there for easy disposal later. Then the diaper goes into my wet bag ☺

  29. I use cloth diapers in public and I find that if I am well prepared, it goes well. I definitely need a wet bag to carry home the soiled diapers, and I carry more clean diapers than I think I will need 😉

  30. Changing a cloth diaper in public is the same as changing a disposable except that you are not leaving stinky non-environmentally-friendly trash behind! Wet bags seal in any odours or wetness, making it very simple to take everything with you. If you use flushable liners you can even empty a diaper, if necessary.

  31. Just got my sample diaper and I love it!! The inserts are SO soft, and I love how easily they can double up!! I am so excited to use them!!!

  32. We cloth on the go! We always just put dirties in a travel wet bag and take care of them at home (ex: spray off the poopies). So simple!

  33. Wet bags are a lifesaver when traveling. They hold the smell and I k inside until you get to your destination. Also, it’s handy to use flour sack towels or something thin and absorbent while on a long car ride – helps prevent leaks and keeps babe more comfortable!

  34. My second baby is 5months and going through some challenging skin issues 🙁 always used disposables but now I’m making the switch to cloth! Just ordered my trial to test out lil helpers ! Feeling a little overwhelmed but my other cloth mamas are very encouraging as I get started over here.

  35. Once we got the fit perfected leaving the house with cloth diapers isn’t really any different than disposables. Only difference really is putting the used diapers in a wet bag to wash later.

  36. Changing in public draws a lot of looks. Make sure your prepared for questions. Have a wet bag to place the dirty diaper in

  37. I like cloth diapers but I am not sold on doing it in public yet because I don’t have a big diaper bag and fluff takes up room. But I’m working on it.

  38. I just started cloth diapering my one month old, but haven’t been brave enough to try it out in public!! It’s so intimidating and I’m terrified of compression leaks in the car seat. What’s the best way to avoid those?

  39. I find that using a wet bag and just putting my dirty diapers in there make cloth diapering in public a breeze. The ones I have hold in stink and moisture so well. I honestly prefer using cloth in public over using disposables.

  40. Using cloth in public is nbd!! Same or better than disposables. I won a Lil Helper diaper in a raffle and I love it!!! So soft!!

  41. I am glad to hear that there are flush able diaper liners. Using cloth diapers on the go sound a bit overwhelming. In the youtube above the baby is very cooperative and the diaper looked fairly tidy. I guess I will have to actually try cloth for myself in order to become a believer.

  42. I can’t wait to try these but I am wondering how well the wet bags work to cover up any smells when in public. That has a the potential to be embarrassing! But if it works I am so in!!

    1. Great question, Shayla! The wetbags do a fantastic job of covering up any stinky smells. If you are concerned at all, you could always bring a large ziplock in your bag for extra smelly diapers. Double bag and you are good to go!
      -Kate from Lil Helper

  43. We have been using cloth for 2 years with our daughter and plan to use cloth with baby #4 due in November. Cloth on the go isn’t bad at all. In fact, we have only had one blowout in 2 years so it has been easier than when we used disposables with our 2 oldest. I pack enough diapers for our outing (plus a couple extra) and a zip up wetbag. We use disposable wipes – I’m not that motivated lol. The wipes go in the garbage, or if we are in a place with no garbage I wrap them in the diaper with the poop and toss them at home. If were in a bathroom poop gets plopped in the toilet if possible or it gets wrapped up and put in the wet bag. Even my husband has no complaints about changing our daughter while were out, and he was super apprehensive about cloth. Just plan ahead.

  44. Cloth diapering in public is way easier than people think! Bring some diapers (I use prestuffed pockets), wipes (cloth or disposable), and a wetbag! Put the dirty diaper in the wetbag and dump into diaper pail at home!

  45. He prepared for people to gawk and ask questions like you’re crazy for using cloth! Otherwise, it’s no different than at home!

  46. I babysit my friends toddler on occasion who is cloth diapered. I make sure before we leave we have 2-3 prefolds and an extra cover, wipes, plus a wet bag in the diaper bag before we leave the house. Wet dry bags are the best for this! Can’t wait to cloth diaper our first little one this May!

  47. I keep a wetbag in my car just in case I forget to pack one in the diaper bag. It has been a life saver numerous times. Besides needing a wetbag for dirty diapers using cloth while out is easy I’ve never had an issue. 🙂

  48. I don’t find it any harder to cloth diaper in public than use disposables! I keep my cloth diapering supplies (3 assembled diapers, cloth wipes, wet bag and change of clothes) in a make shift “diaper pod”, which is just a toiletry bag. This way I don’t have to dig through my whole diaperbag, and everything stays corralled together. I also keep my cloth wipes pre dampened in a Huggies clutch that had disposable wipes in it,

  49. Cloth diapering in public has always been a fear of mine! My son is such a heavy wetter and if he’s sitting JUUUUST right (like in his car seat) then he’s soaked! We found out recently we’re expecting and this time around I would love to cloth diaper much more than I have! Love this video and all the tips!

  50. When I cloth diaper in the “wild” I use flushable liners, so if little man poops it’s a much easier clean up. Than pop the dirty diaper in the wet bag and away we go. I actually find it more annoying to use disposables!

  51. Cloth diapering in plublic is no different, just bring what u would normally bring( diaper, wipes, and extra wet bag for dirty dipes).

  52. I cloth diaper in public just as anyone would with a disposable! Instead of trashing the diaper it goes in my Lil helper on the go wet bag.
    I find it’s handy to have multiple wetbags with you just in case! I also always have a pod plastic bag for dirty clothes! *this is all when I’m on my A game. Sometimes I forget said wet bag r plastic bag and I’ve still managed. Just bundle up that cloth with all the snaps to keep everything contained! Hopefully you have rubber car mats too?

  53. I have a small, zippered wet bag for my used diapers when we go out and about. It’s super simple and it saves us a lot of money. My wetbag also has a small pocket in the front and I can carry cloth wipes and our wipes solution spray bottle in it.

  54. As most have said, a wet bag is a MUST when clothing on the go! It makes it so super easy.! Just about the same as if you were home. 🙂

  55. I cloth diapered my first from about 8 months old and loved her cute little fluff bum. Now with my second, a heavier wetter, I sadly have been using disposables when on the go. This video has inspired me to give cloth diapering on the go another go. Would love to win this, the Newlie Co bags look amazing and perfectly laid out to stuff full of little helper diapers, which I haven’t tried yet either. Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. Honestly cloth diapering in public is just as easy as disposable. I use Lil helpers, I prefer them over pockets, much easier and far more convienent.

  57. We love cloth diapering! When I go out I always make sure I have my cutest prints to get people to hear “what diaper is that, it’s so cute!” I always pack an extra cover, cloth wipes, and prefold in my car just in case we’re stuck without, or didn’t bring enough. Otherwise, we mostly use pockets stuffed with a large prefold for longer period of time. Now that my little guy is running and climbing, it’s nice to have a little extra padding on his bum for those little toddler tumbles. Cloth is a big part of our diapering days, and with a second baby in the works, we can’t wait to start all over with another little squish! If you’re thinking of doing cloth, it’s not nearly as difficult as people make it sound. While not for all, it is likely suited for more people then most people think!

  58. I feel like cloth diapering in my public is great if you are prepared. I just make sure that I have everything ready to go before I leave. That way it is pretty easy. If they poop I normally leave it in the diaper or plop if it is ploppable.

  59. So far is easy when we go in public. Baby is Exclusively Breastfeed so I just put dirty diapers in a wet bag and then in the pail when we got home. I’m getting ready for solids will see!! Gave Lil Helper another shot and I’m loving it

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