Cleaning Dirty Cloth Diapers

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Hey Y’all, it’s Erin.

There was an interesting discussion on the ambassador Facebook page about using a diaper sprayer. (By the way, have you taken the opportunity to sign up to be a LilHelper Ambassador yet? If not check it out here.)

I wanted to talk about cleaning dirty cloth diapers after reading the thread.

Full Disclosure: This post is going to talk a lot about poop. There’s not really a way to help you in your cloth diaper journey without talking to you about it. But, never fear! None of the pictures or video feature any real poo 😉

Picture of a man with a mustache holding a lite brite that has "poop" spelled out with pegs that is flashing in multicolors

There are a few ways to clean poop from cloth diapers. I prefer keeping my hands as poo free as possible when cleaning dirty cloth diapers (and also when not cleaning dirty cloth diapers!) Therefore, all my suggestions are geared towards this goal.

If you do not have a proper wash routine established, check out Fluff Love University for specifics for your washing machine! This post is specifically for tips on cleaning poop from your diapers!


Cleaning Dirty Cloth Diapers for Exclusively Breastfed Babies

Cleaning dirty cloth diapers of exclusively breastfed babies is the easiest process. These diapers can be tossed straight into the wetbag and directly into the washing machine.

Babies who are exclusively breastfed have poo that is water soluble. This means that they will get fully cleaned in your regular wash routine without needing to have the poo removed beforehand. Yayyyyy!

gif of two guys sitting in an office cubicle wearing shirts with ties and looking at each other saying "That was easy"

Once solids or formula are introduced to your little one’s diet, it’s going to change the consistency of their poo. Thus changing the cleaning process as well.

***Mohammed recommends rinsing EBF diapers off under the faucet to avoid the chance of globby plobby things getting stuck in your washer. You can check out his thoughts here! ***

Plop-able Dirty Diapers

The second easiest process for cleaning dirty cloth diapers is to “plop” the poo straight into the toilet.

My baby has taken extreme measures to make sure that I’ve only cleaned….maybe….10 of these diapers in her 12 months of life.

When I get a plop-able dirty diaper to clean, I throw my hands in the air and dance. I can carry it straight over to the toilet, plop it in the water, and toss the diaper in the wetbag.

gif of a girl in a white tank top doing a dance of excitement

All done! Yay!

So, what does cleaning dirty cloth diapers look like when they aren’t EBF or don’t have plop-able poop? Never fear my friends. I’m here to help.

Using A Liner

Let me start here.

Using a liner can help make dealing with poop simpler.

Liners catch the bulk of the mess. Lil Helper offers 2 different liner options.

One is the Bamboo Stay Dry Liner that is reusable and cleaned with your diapers. The other is flushable.


Dunk and Swish

Some people don’t mind this method of cleaning or have excellent strategies for avoiding poop as much as possible. For me though, not my thing.

gif of a guy with a hat and beard making a "t" with his hands while shaking his head

It works just the way it sounds. You dunk the dirty diaper into the water and you swish that bad boy around until all the poop comes off. Sometimes the “swish” portion turns into a vigorous scrubbing in the water.

It’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things. It’s totally effective and you can wash your hands after. Or you can wear gloves during.

Some people use a bucket of water that they later dump into the toilet or straight up do it in the toilet. I’m a straight up in the toilet kinda gal (when I don’t have a sprayer.)

Diaper Sprayer

I love my diaper sprayer.

gif of a man with curly hair and a mustache saying "I love it, it's the best"

It makes things easier for me when I’m cleaning dirty cloth diapers. I even use it to spray my shower sometimes.

I use the sprayer with a spray pal. It contains the spray. AKA the poop.

The clamp holds the diaper and I spray everything straight into the toilet.

After I’m done spraying the diaper, I flush the toilet and clean the spray pal off while the water pressure is lower!

Regardless of how messy the diaper gets, I think the sprayer makes cleaning dirty cloth diapers so much easier.

Check out my video showing these processes in action!


What’s your favorite way to clean dirty cloth diapers?
What questions do you still have around cleaning them?

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  1. How much do these cleaning diapers cost? I want to know since I am planning to purchase these diapers for a cleaning project that I am doing. If I can get them for a reasonable price, it would be great for me.

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