The Dangers of Mom Googling (and having a close relationship with Dr. Google)

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Hey y’all! Jess here to share all my embarrassing stories with you!

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We have all been there. As many of you, I started seeing Dr. Google when I got pregnant. Turns out, people forget to tell you about lots of things that will happen.

Let me tell you all about my relationship with Dr. Google while pregnant.

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Got Extra Junk In The Trunk? (what to do when cloth diapers are too bulky)

Got extra junk in the trunk? blog title image. What to do when you think cloth diapers are too bulky.

No, this isn’t a post about a Black Eyed Peas song. (Anyone else here grow up in the late 90’s?) It’s even better than that! I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks that you need when you feel that cloth diapers are too bulky… A.K.A. gotta lil’ extra junk in the trunk!

GIF of Fergie from the black eyed peas with lyrics on the screen reading what you gonna do with all the junk, all that junk inside your trunk? for lil helper blog post got extra junk in the trunk
I’ll be completely honest. When we decided that we wanted to be a cloth diapering family, our main concerns were what we we were putting against our daughters skin and doing our part every day to make a difference in the amount of trash in the world.

Thinking that some of the cute outfits we bought her might not fit was the furthest thing from our minds! My realization that there was a bit of extra bulk that I didn’t account for went something like this…

I picked out the perfect outfit, the perfect cloth diaper, and our little one looked adorable (like always!). I was so excited as I was putting the little clothes on her.

I went to do up the onesie and pull up the pants, and suddenly I encountered resistance… What the heck is going on?! Why won’t the pants pull up?! Every time I snapped the buttons on that onesie, they popped right back open!!

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Panic set in. What am I going to do?! Is my baby going to fit into ANY clothes with her cloth diapers EVER AGAIN?!

Alright, so all of that was just a tad on the dramatic side, but have no fear! I have got you covered! Everything you need to know about what to do when you think your cloth diapers are too bulky is below. Read More

Finding My Tribe

How I Found my Mom Tribe by Blog
Hi everyone! Tamara here.  Jess’ recent post about
how to pick up Mom friends got me reflecting on my own experience with finding a Mom Tribe.

I had no idea that enrolling in a prenatal class would be the single most important thing I did for myself, socially, as a new mother. Nor did I even realize at the time how valuable Mom-friends would be to me in that first crazy year of parenthood.

How to find a Mom Tribe by Blog

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How To Pick Up Moms: A Practical Guide To Making Mom Friends

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Hey y’all! It’s Jess! I am back and loaded with lots of info for all of you!

Let’s talk friends. Specifically, let’s talk MOM friends.

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I have always had lots of friends. I could make friends sitting at the airport. In fact, that IS how I made one of my best friends.

I had NO idea what making MOM friends would be like. I just assumed they would all hear I had a baby and come line up at my door with muffins and play date invitations. That happens right?

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