Baby Led Weaning

baby led weaning

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Hey y’all! Jess here!

Last week Ariel wrote an AMAZING article about traditional weaning for your babies. I’m going to share something a little different- baby led weaning.

Before I begin, I will reiterate what Ariel stated. Every baby is different, and every family is different. I urge you to take all the information but also do your own research and consult your pediatrician to find what will be the best fit for your family.  

What does it even mean?

If you’ve never heard of baby led weaning before, you are probably thinking what in the heck is that? Don’t worry! I’ve got your back! Read More

Balancing Life as a Working Parent

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Hey guys! It’s Ariel, and we need to have some real talk for a minute here.

When I was young and naive, I had this perfect fantasy of wanting to go back to work immediately after having a baby because I figured I would be ‘bored’ staying at home.

I have always been a go-getter and have had a hard time sitting around doing nothing, and I thought that’s all being a stay at home parent was about.

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Cleaning Dirty Cloth Diapers

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Hey Y’all, it’s Erin.

There was an interesting discussion on the ambassador Facebook page about using a diaper sprayer. (By the way, have you taken the opportunity to sign up to be a LilHelper Ambassador yet? If not check it out here.)

I wanted to talk about cleaning dirty cloth diapers after reading the thread.

Full Disclosure: This post is going to talk a lot about poop. There’s not really a way to help you in your cloth diaper journey without talking to you about it. But, never fear! None of the pictures or video feature any real poo 😉

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