Self Care for Parents

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Hey Y’all, it’s Erin.

So much of our focus as parents is on caring for our children. Self care for parents is just as important.

If we don’t take time to “refill our cups,” it can lead to burn-out. Our stresses can consume us.

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m stressed then I get irritable. When I’m irritable, I don’t have patience. Our little ones require lots of love, attention, and patience. So, taking some time to take care of ourselves is a vital part of caring for our littles.

This post is going to offer 5 strategies on self care for parents. Maybe you’re reading this as a parent who needs to implement these strategies. Perhaps you’re the loved one to a parent looking for ways to help them take some “me time.”  Either way, this post is for you!

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Are your Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby’s Skin?

blog title header - "Marks Left by Cloth Diapers Got you Seeing Red?" with a picture of Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on your Baby's Skin

Cloth Diapers Leaving Marks on Your Baby’s Skin?

Your little needs a diaper change.
You play with baby happily as you prepare them for a diaper change.
You have everything set up and begin the diaper change process.

As you open the cover, your face drops.

sarah jessica parker is shocked at cloth diapers leaving marks on baby's skin

These Darn Red Marks!

You feel horrible thinking that maybe your baby’s diaper was hurting them. Don’t worry!! We are here to help you determine what is normal and what is not when it comes to leg marks. And what to do to ensure your baby’s diaper fit is not too tight.

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How Buying Secondhand Helps Save the Planet

how buying secondhand helps save the planet and fights the fast fashion problem

Do you know the term, “Fast Fashion”? 

“The term “fast fashion” refers to a phenomenon in the fashion industry whereby production processes are expedited in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible.” – Investopedia

With new trends being announced every week, cheap prices and constant sales – we are all being pressured to give in to the fast fashion phenomenon. However, it all comes at a very steep cost to the environment and the people who make these clothes.

Why should you care?

  • The clothing industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil. 

  • Fast fashion clothing is designed to fall apart. It is now estimated that American households dispose of 70lbs of textile waste every year. That is waste that will not be recycled or reused, it is going straight to a landfill where it will sit for hundreds of years.

  • The people who make these clothes are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and substances used in the production process

  • Children’s clothing, accessories and toys are all part of the fast fashion problem (and just think about how much more clothing your kid goes through than you do 😱)

fast fashion textile waste
Textile Waste

How to Fight Fast Fashion

The easiest and most affordable way to combat fast fashion is to shop secondhand. Clothing that makes it to secondhand shops are usually of higher quality, as they have survived a lifecycle with their previous owner. Even if you find barely worn or unworn clothing from some of the major brands that are fast fashion offenders at a secondhand shop, you are still giving that piece of clothing a second life, saving it from the landfill and reducing the resources being used and disposed of.

Kids Stuff

Baby, toddler and kids clothing tend to be worn for a shorter period of time than adults because they grow out of them so quickly. That means by the time they make it to a secondhand shop, they’re still in great shape! Once you start shopping secondhand for kids stuff, you’ll notice a distinct lack of cheaper fast fashion brands available. Instead, you’ll find high-quality kids clothing and accessories. Shopping secondhand means you’ll save money, so you might also find that you don’t mind as much when your kid discovers the joys of mud puddles or decides that ketchup is better placed on a shirt than on food.

fast fashion muddy boots

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Secondhand Cloth Diapers

For those who choose to cloth diaper for environmental reasons, purchasing secondhand cloth diapers is a fantastic way to help the planet! Quality made cloth diapers like Lil Helpers are built to last through several cloth diapering journeys and you can often find cloth diapers at secondhand clothing stores. Facebook is full of Buy/Sell/Trade groups for cloth diapers and there’s even one just for Lil Helpers! There are often sweet deals to find on cloth diapers that are in great shape but the leg elastics have become too loose. Thankfully, this is something that is easily fixed at home or by your local seamstress for a small cost.


Don’t forget to keep the life cycle of your clothing and accessories going. If they aren’t worn beyond repair or have too many stains, donate or sell them! And if they are past the point of resurrection? Cut them up to become household rags or use them to patch other pieces of clothing.

Have you made the switch to shopping secondhand? Comment below to tell us about your experience!

Do Overnight Cloth Diapers Exist?

Do Overnight Cloth Diapers Exist? Overnight Cloth Diaper

The Overnight Cloth Diaper.

For some parents, they’re like a mythical unicorn. Often read about in fairy tales but never actually found. If you’re one of those parents, you’ve probably tried every combination of inserts in your cloth diapers, praying that your kid will hold it in for at least 3 hours so you can just…. get… some… sleep.

Baby falling over asleep Overnight Cloth Diaper

Woah. Sorry. Drifted off there a bit. What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Babies, sleeping. The Overnight Cloth Diaper.

The 2 most common reasons why babies wake up during the night are:

1. They’re hungry

Babies gotta eat! From the time they’re born until they’re about a year old, most kids will need to eat 1-6+ times during the night. We can’t help you with this, I’m sorry. If we could, we would. But that might be a bit weird.

2. They feel wet.

For parents who cloth diaper, overnight cloth diapers can be a real struggle. Sure it’s a bonus that kids can feel they are wet when it comes time to potty train. However, it’s not so great in the middle of the night when you’re dreaming about that time you and your partner were on the beach… watching the sunset… woah, woah, woah, we’re going to stop you right there! Phew. Keep that memory to yourself 😉

So your baby pees in their cloth diaper, they feel the wetness which causes discomfort which leads to… 

Waaaaaahhhh!!! Crying Baby Overnight Cloth Diaper

How many times will your little angel pee during the night? And how many times will they wake up, letting you know they need to be changed RIGHT NOW? A lot. A lot of times.

But wait! It turns out the Overnight Cloth Diapers might NOT be a mythical unicorn… they’re just unimaginatively called “Charcoal Stay Dry Inserts”. Charcoal is a stay dry material which means even when it is wet, it does not feel wet. Baby doesn’t feel wet = Baby sleeps longer = YOU SLEEP LONGER

orangutan dancing

Charcoal is also hypoallergenic, naturally deodorizing, antibacterial and dark in color (NO STAINS!).

Lil Helper makes 2 kinds of Charcoal Stay Dry Inserts:

  • The standard Charcoal Stay Dry Inserts – These 2 bad boys are super absorbent and when used together, offer 8 layers of absorbency. Many parents find these inserts will do the trick to keep their wee ones fast asleep all night long. (These inserts come with our Charcoal Cloth Diapers and can be purchased separately. If your baby doesn’t poop in their diaper, you can simply snap clean inserts into the same cover! Magic!)

  • Overnight Charcoal Stay Dry Inserts – For the babies that we like to call “extra well-hydrated” (AKA they pee a lot) or kids 18+ months. These inserts are charcoal inserts on steroids. There is an extra gusset on the insert that prevents leaks. Add to that, there is a waterproof layer of PUL on the underside of the insert that keeps the cover dry as well.

** PLEASE NOTE: If your baby poops during the night – you should change them right away. It is not good to let a baby sit with poop against their skin. It’s also stinky. Yuck.

So, in conclusion (or for those of you who just skipped reading everything else): Lil Helper Diapers can be used as an Overnight Cloth Diaper. The stay dry material keeps them feeling dry all night long which means they sleep longer, and so do you.

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Lil Helper Cloth Diapers trial offer USALil Helper Cloth Diaper trial offer Canadian customes

For those of you who don’t like taking chances or are currently potty training, we have the Bamboo Mattress Protector and the Charcoal Mattress Protector.

Milton from Office Space "I was told there would be Unicorns" Overnight Cloth Diapers

Oh, fine. Here:

cat unicorn Overnight Cloth Diapers