Foster Parents who Cloth Diaper

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Hey Y’all! It’s Erin.

An interesting fact about me is that I have a Bachelors in Social Work. My education and work experience are what led me to write about the diaper crisis. It is also the reason I want to talk about foster parents who cloth diaper.

According to the most recent federal data there are over 400,000 United States children involved in the foster care system. Over 100,000 of those children are within the typical diapering ages.  

I feel so honored to get to share the experiences of 3 amazing foster parents who cloth diaper. Sarah and Grace are LilHelper Ambassadors, and Anna is a local friend of mine. As much as possible, I have tried to use their words in this post, because I believe that there is power in what they said without any kind of spin from me.


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Balancing Life as a Working Parent

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Hey guys! It’s Ariel, and we need to have some real talk for a minute here.

When I was young and naive, I had this perfect fantasy of wanting to go back to work immediately after having a baby because I figured I would be ‘bored’ staying at home.

I have always been a go-getter and have had a hard time sitting around doing nothing, and I thought that’s all being a stay at home parent was about.

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Hard Water and Cloth Diapers

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Chances are that in your research of cloth diapering you have come across the term hard water.

We here at Lil Helper are with you every step of the way on your cloth diapering journey and so we want to take a moment and address this possibly confusing matter.

Hard water is water that has lots of mineral deposits in it.

I know, probably not what you thought it was based on how normally water that is hard goes by another name (ice, ice, baby!). But in relation to cloth diapering, minerally hard water is a very different matter.

gif of a toddler walking on ice and slipping

This poor baby is learning about “hard water” the hard way!

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