Paying It Forward: The tale of two cloth diapers, aka how my old post office needs more glitter!

A guest post by Samantha F.

At the bottom of this story is information about a wee contest we (Lil Helper and Samantha F.) are running. But you have to read the story first!

This story begins in November 2012, with my winning my first-ever cloth diaper! In an effort to build my stash ahead of getting pregnant, I started entering diaper giveaway contests. I won a diaper from the awesome Canadian blog Frugal Mom Eh run by the lovely Elizabeth, who told me my prize would arrive in a few weeks. I was SOOOOO excited!!

By mid-December, the diaper hadn’t arrived. I contacted Elizabeth who put me in touch with Mohammed at  who was so extremely nice. He said they had dropped the proverbial ball and that he would be mailing my diaper prize out in a few days with a little something extra to make up for the delay.

Mohammed emailed me a couple of  days later with a picture of the tracking label. I was so excited to get the diaper just in time for Christmas!

Then the fun began.

I was moving homes at the end of the year, so between moving homes and forwarding my mail from the old address to the new one, my poor  cloth diaper got lost.

I emailed right away to update Mohammed. He generously offered to send me another diaper, despite not having the first diaper returned. His offer to replace the lost diaper with a new one was even more astounding because it was due to no fault of his. Nor was any money exchanged between us at any point. All that he said he said was that we at Lil helper conduct ourselves in a manner that we want others to treat us. I was amazed at the generosity and kindness of Lil Helper!

Within a week I happily opened my mailbox to see I had TWO packages from Lil Helper! My lost diaper along with the second cloth diaper!

I emailed a photo of the package to Mohammed and asked him if he wanted me to return it as I felt bad having two diapers from them!

We agreed on a wonderful idea instead: let’s give one of the diapers away as a Pay it Forward act of kindness! What a fabulous idea huh!

And now (drumroll please) THE CONTEST

To enter to win a LilHelper Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper in WHITE, tell us a story about how you have paid it forward to someone before. Or let us know how someone has done something out of the ordinary for you. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

Leave a reply here (your email will not be displayed) and let us know your story. If you win, we’ll share it here AND Samantha F. will send you the extra  Lil Helper Cloth Diaper.

Contest closes March 25, 2013 (that’s a Monday). Midnight. Alright, that’s Tuesday. But it will still feel like Monday.


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We Heart You {Customer Appreciation Sale}

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