Cloth Diapering at Daycare

"cloth diapering at daycare" by image of kneeling toddler playing outside in background

Hello friends! My name is Tamara, and I’m LilHelper obsessed!  I have a 14 month old son named Benny, and we live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Somehow I convinced the head-honchos at LilHelper HQ to let me join their Creative Content Team, and here I am today to talk to you about Cloth Diapering at Daycare!

I am a stay at home Mom myself, but I know that for many working parents, the decision to cloth diaper at daycare is one fraught with worry and stress.

What will your care-provider think?

Will they even allow it?

Will they be willing or able to keep up with your diapering routine?

What supplies will you need to send every day?

I took it upon myself to find out the answer to those questions and more!

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