Hard Water and Cloth Diapers

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Chances are that in your research of cloth diapering you have come across the term hard water.

We here at Lil Helper are with you every step of the way on your cloth diapering journey and so we want to take a moment and address this possibly confusing matter.

Hard water is water that has lots of mineral deposits in it.

I know, probably not what you thought it was based on how normally water that is hard goes by another name (ice, ice, baby!). But in relation to cloth diapering, minerally hard water is a very different matter.

gif of a toddler walking on ice and slipping

This poor baby is learning about “hard water” the hard way!

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Lil Helper Customer Service: For the Moments You Feel Faint

Lil Helper Customer Service - For the times you feel faint blog header. Image shows a pug wrapped in a blanket looking sad

I see you.

You are pacing back and forth singing lullaby’s, using every last bit of energy you have within to stay awake, so you can get your tiny angel to sleep.

I see you.

Rushing to get the last bit of housework done before nap is over. You won’t have time otherwise; between taking care of the baby and work.

I see you.

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