How to Green your Kitchen

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Hey y’all. It’s Jess. I am going to bring you a series to help how you can “green” different parts of your home. 

My family has been on a journey to zero waste for a while now making small, manageable changes as often as we can. We figured out that the best way to do this would be to take it room by room. 

We started with our kitchen. 

There are countless ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly. I’m going to give you some quick ideas to get you started.

1. Reusable sponge or Unsponge

This is an easy and inexpensive change you can make. 

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When should I tell people I’m pregnant?

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Content warning: This article contains subject matter surrounding miscarriage and pregnancy loss. 

Hi all! Its Caitlin here on the blog this week and I am so excited to be a new regular here!

I live in Alberta with my husband, our 18 month old daughter, Aileen, and our 5 pets. I love all things Lil Helper, but also crafting, gardening, and animals. I’m also a preschool teacher and I can’t wait to talk about all things kids and life! 

This week I’m sharing my thoughts on one of the big first trimester questions – when should I tell people I’m pregnant?

I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and anxiously waiting for those lovely first trimester symptoms to ease. Its been about 10 weeks of nausea and complete exhaustion. There is no glow here. If I’m being honest, I don’t enjoy being pregnant, and I’m not good at it. Particularly, the secret-keeping part, because, with my symptoms, this pregnancy has been written all over my face since about 5 weeks. 

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Reducing Clutter And Saving Money – Buy Nothing Project

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Hey y’all. It’s Jess again bringing in another way to continue saving this beautiful world of ours by practicing the most important part of recycling- reusing. 

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You ever look at some of your stuff and thing why did I buy this? Why do I still have it? Oh well may I’ll find a use for it eventually. 

If your answer is all the time, solidarity because same. 

Babies have an especially quick way of filling our homes with “stuff.” Stuff people give you. Stuff your pregnant mind says you absolutely must have. Stuff a new grandma just can’t wait to see her baby play with or wear. Stuff. 

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I had mountains of stuff. My daughter was my mother’s first grandchild and it showed. She was so excited about her that we got monthly boxes of clothes, toys, and other random Knick knacks.

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The Insider Scoop on the Lil Helper Team: Behind the Scenes of a Cloth Diaper Company

Have you ever wondered, what is the secret sauce that makes a Lil Helper Employee? And what really is Delightful about the Delight team?

This is a must see video including celebrity cameos, Uncle Mo’s sought after workout routine and YES – the secret ingredient to being a Lil Helper Employee!

On a serious note, this video is all about the culture at Lil Helper and why we have built a company that is run by customers.


We are Lil Helper, a growing baby products company founded in 2009 by CEO, Mohammed Gandhi and his best bud Nader Abu El Samid – both from the Aerospace Engineering College of Ryerson University in Toronto.

Lil Helper was born out of an itch to make a better and more affordable cloth diaper. Our sole mission has always been to provide quality products for your family with exemplary customer service and support.

Today, we are proudly one of the best cloth diapering solutions on the market. But that’s not all we are! We offer many other thoughtfully designed product collections  developed in collaboration with our community of Lil Helper parents! From bibs to change mats to crib mats- we’ve got you covered. Literally.

While providing parents with a greener alternative to disposable diapers, Lil Helper also started the Baby Do Good program, which gives 1 brand new cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers sold. It is our way of giving back to the community.

Happy parents in the thousands have left reviews across our website, social and search platforms averaging a humbling 4.9/5. 

We pinky promise we’ll take good care of you and your fam too.

Have we interested you in us? Yay!! Let’s chat!