10 Uses for Cloth Wipes

10 uses for cloth wipes blog header, close up macro image of Lil Helper Cloth Wipe showing bamboo side and fleece side10 Uses for Cloth Wipes from Lil Helper

If you’ve ordered from Lil Helper, chances are you’ve got some of our amazingly versatile cloth wipes in your home. We’ve had a few different styles of cloth wipes over the years. Later in this post, we’ll talk about the NEW (actually older) style of cloth wipes we currently have available

Some of you may be using cloth wipes for their intended purpose (wipin’ butts) but others might be wondering what the heck you should use them for. We’ve put together this list of 10 ways to use cloth wipes to give you some ideas!

1. Washcloths (especially great for sensitive newborn skin)

Terry cloth can be too rough for sensitive skin. The bamboo cotton and fleece we use offer a softer, gentler experience.

2. Stash em in the diaper bag

Kids are messy.

kids are messy -

Boogers, muddy puddles, a melty snack – any of these messy mishaps can happen anywhere. You never know when a sturdy cloth wipe (or 5) will come in handy. So stash some in the diaper bag for messy emergencies!

3. Tuck them behind/under/beside the high chair 

Learning to eat is a VERY sloppy process. And if you use paper towel or wet wipes to clean up, it can be an expensive one too! Having a few cloth wipes nearby during mealtimes will make for easy & cost-efficient cleanup. Or, you could just get a dog…

use cloth wipes to clean baby's face after meals... or get a dog!

4. Treat yo self! 

I have a confession to make. I, Kate, Social Media Manager & blogger for Lil Helper cloth diapers, hoard Lil Helper cloth wipes… for myself. Yes. It’s true. I have a stash of wipes in my drawer in the bathroom that I use for face cloths. Sometimes I use them when washing/exfoliating my face but most of the time I use them to remove makeup. Your face will thank you and remember, it’s always important to…

5. Give them to friends

Whether your friends are interested in cloth diapering or not, cloth wipes are so versatile that they make a fantastic gift! Baby showers, 1st birthdays, 21st birthdays, 60th wedding anniversaries… or even when you see a parent who forgot wipes in a messy situation at the park.

6. Dishcloths 

Cloth wipes are perfect for cleaning delicate dishes like wine glasses & china. Soft bamboo means no micro scratches or streaks.

use cloth wipes to clean your wine glasses

7. Clean your glasses/screens

Having trouble reading this blog post? Yeeeah… you might need to give your glasses or screens a good wipe down. Lil Helper cloth wipes don’t get fuzzy so you can clean your glasses & screens without leaving any fibres behind!

8. Dust those shelves… yes… the top ones, too!

Add a little water get to dusting! The damp bamboo and fleece picks up dust and dirt easily. Just make sure you don’t forget the top shelves (I always do…)

macro close up image of the lil helper cloth wipes showing the fleece side and LilHelper.ca label - 10 uses for cloth wipes

9. Set up a baby doll changing station

If you have a child that LOVES taking care of their baby doll, they will go bananas if you set up a proper diaper changing station for them complete with cloth diapers & cloth wipes. When it’s time to potty train, add a mini potty in the mix too!

10. Family cloth

What is family cloth? Family Cloth = Reusable Toilet Paper. Family cloth is a fantastic way to save money & the planet – just like cloth diapers! Curious about how to get started with family cloth? Read more here.


The NEW (actually older) Style of Lil Helper Cloth Wipes

macro close up image of the lil helper cloth wipes showing both sides. one side is bamboo material and the other is fleece. the wipe is white. LilHelper.ca logo label is shown. 10 uses for cloth wipes

This new style of cloth wipe from Lil Helper has two layers. The top layer is the same bamboo material (80% cotton bamboo 20% polyester)  found on our bamboo inserts. The bottom layer is the same material as the soft micro fleece found inside our cloth diaper shells. If you are familiar with Lil Helper products, theres are materials you know and love. Most importantly, both sides are super soft and perfect for baby’s bum!

Click here to order Lil Helper Cloth Wipes

Was Lil Helper Scammed Again? Or is it a Mistake?

Was lil helper scammed again? Or is this a mistake on the customers part?

We think this was a mistake on the customer’s part, but what do you think? Was Lil Helper scammed again? Watch this video and decide for yourself:

Can’t watch? Here’s what happened:

Around Christmas time 2016, a customer contacted us requesting to return 2 Lil Helper day packs. We agreed to accept the return, refunded their money and asked the customer to send the product back to us. Some of you will be reading this saying “WHAT?! You gave them their money back BEFORE you got the product returned?” Well, yes, dear reader. In our experience, everyone who requests a return will send us the product back. If we are being honest, at the risk of sounding braggy, we don’t get that many returns. However, customers always send the product back.

In this case, we received a package from this customer… containing 2 brand new stroller blankets. Not the $300 worth of Lil Helper diapers we were expecting.

chrissy teigan awkward face - was lil helper scammed?

So… was Lil Helper scammed?

Naaaah…. at least, we hope not! We are choosing to believe that this was a mistake on the customers part. Maybe they were returning these stroller blankets to another retailer and got the shipping labels mixed up. Who knows. It doesn’t matter, anyways. What do you do when life gives you lemons? Thank them because lemons are really expensive when they’re out of season. Or… you could make lemonade.

beyonce lemonade - was lil helper scammed again?




What’s up for grabs?

2 brand new Stroller Blankets (1 winner on Facebook & 1 winner on Youtube)

How to enter?


Tell us about a time you showed someone kindness or when someone showed you kindness. Inspire us. Don’t, for the love of Beyonce, be humble. This is a chance to brag a bit.

Comment on the Facebook post or the Youtube post to ENTER.

Contest closes July 22nd 11:59pm This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook OR Youtube.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers in Malawi

A proud mom in Malawi holding Lil Helper cloth diapers in her hands and smiling. She is wearing a red dress and standing on a dirt road. There is a brick wall behind her, trees behind the brick wall and a clear blue sky beyond the trees. Cloth diapers malawi.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers in Malawi

One of the projects we are most proud of at Lil Helper is the Baby Do Good program – for every three cloth diapers that Lil Helper sells, we donate one diaper to a family in need.

We are always deeply humbled to be able to ease the burden on a family dealing with diaper need. But, every now and then we come across a great opportunity to make a huge difference. Making a difference means so much to us at Lil Helper. It reminds us that this is why we do what we do! The Baby Do Good program was recently able to work with an amazing project. We were given the opportunity to partner with Venue Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Venue Church members Jenny and Dan Strilzuk took 30 lbs of Lil Helper diapers to Monkey Bay in Malawi, Africa!

lil helper cloth diapers in malawi. 3 images of moms in Malawi with their babies wearing Lil Helper cloth diapers.

Malawi, the poorest country in the world

Malawi has been listed as the poorest country, two years in a row, on the Gazette Review’s list of Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World.  In a country where the GDP per capita is of only $226.50, children are often the ones who suffer most. Priority is given to basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Buying diapers is considered a luxury. Reusable, long-lasting and cost-effective cloth diapers is what Lil Helper does best! We were honoured to give just a little help in that area. Last year, we received a letter from Venue Church letting us know where the diapers we donated would be distributed. They would be given to families through a village church in Malawi – The Nankwali Church, led by Pastor Alimoni Garrett Prechtl. Here is the letter we received:


lil helper cloth diapers in malawi donation receipt letter

Happy Endings

Recently, we received the following humbling letter from Jenny. She also sent the beautiful pictures of the project we are pleased to share with the Lil Helper family!

“Thank you to all the Lil Helper staff and customers that made it possible for us to deliver these diapers to families in need in Malawi, Africa! The project was a success!! Through the Lil Helper Do Good Program, we were able to provide 15  families in Malawi Africa with the resources to properly diaper their babies.

lil helper cloth diapers in Malawi. Parents in Malawi with their young children wearing lil helper cloth diapers. On the left, a toddler stands with his hands on his hips. He seems proud to be wearing a blue lil helper cloth diaper.

In a country where the children struggle and many don’t make it to their 5th birthdays due to preventable diseases caused largely by sanitation issues and lack of resources, this outreach is much more than giving diapers to ‘catch the yucky stuff’, this is giving health and life to these children! These mums were so very grateful to receive these “nappies” [diapers]. They reported that “there is nothing like this available here, and receiving these Lil Helper diapers will enhance our lives and the lives of our children!” 

Thank you all again for this amazing opportunity!  Sincerely, Dan and Jenny Strilzuk”  

Moms with babies in beautiful woven wraps on their backs. a group of toddlers standing and sitting wearing lil helper cloth diapers.

If you would like to work with Lil Helper to spread kindness in the world, please consider becoming a Lil Helper Ambassador.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cloth Diapering

5 things I wish I knew before cloth diapering

Original post written by Cherie Mercer and shared on Mommie Miracles

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Cloth Diapering

  1. They aren’t as gross as you think they are.

I know what you’re thinking if you don’t cloth diaper… ew who wants to deal with the poop and wash them?!

To be honest that wasn’t my big issue. I just didn’t like the idea of my kids smelling faintly of pee that never goes away. I didn’t like the idea of stains, and yes their can be staining, on something I’m putting on my kids bum.

If you start when your baby is exclusively breastfed you can just wash the whole diaper, you don’t even need to rinse it! But even when your baby gets older if you get in a good routine of rinsing right away its no worse than cleaning your baby’s bum with a disposable. I promise you whether you cloth diaper or use disposable you WILL get poo on you, sorry but that’s part of what you signed up for when you became a parent.

Read More