Awesome reveal!! Love everything, especially the shoes!! Louis Vuitton Wholesale


Looove it! Congrats! Louis Vuitton Drop Shipping


Louis Vuitton Top Handles Sorry to hear of such a situation! Hope it all settles soon and that your friend has indeed sent you a genuine bag! Otherwise...

LV Handbags hard to believe she has no makeup on. I love the bag and I love the fact it is vintage and well loved. This is a good answer to the currently popular "is it okay to wear old dirty bags... " thread. YES YOU CAN!
 on't give up! I feel your frustration. I was stalking the website for a long time too cause I had been jonesing for the Tivoli PM and the Mono Eva. I called the hotline to check if they were in stock in a nearby location and was told it was all out. However, the SA told me that they get shipments M-F and he w LV Purse 

You look lovely - congrats! LV Belt


"iPad, a change of clothes (or two) a pair of PJs, a small makeup bag, a small toiletries bag, and a hair brush"Absolutely without a doubt, all of this will NOT fit in a 30. louis vuitton shop

LV Neverfull thanks everyone! I get so inspired by other people's collections, I thought I'd share my own.